I think it's time for another unofficial blurbing book club selection!  You've probably already heard of this book, as John Green has blurbed the book and is the author's sort of mentor, but I'm only just reading it now and I think it's wonderful! Slightly creepy, with all the photographs, I also think it's excellent winter-time reading.

Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


You know the drill by now.  Read the book, and then come back here and discuss it AND blurb it.


So, for those of you who've read the book already, what did you think of it?

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Boring, with creepy but awesome pictures. That's my blurb

I read the book for a movie project type thing but I had forgotten that John had mentioned it. Though when I saw he reviewed it I thought I remembered and had some high expectations.



The reason my group picked that book was because we wanted something with an eerie feeling. In the beginning it had that but as Jacob continued his journey it slowly lost that mysterious feel. Eventually there was some lag to the story and I began to question some of the plot progression. Then, out of nowhere everything seemed to come all at once without any significant build up except information that had been shoved down a little too fast previously.



I won't say this was a bad book. I will though, say for anyone who has read a lot and will be able to tell it is his first book. That's not a bad thing. Everyone has a first, but there were things that could have been better I suppose. The pictures (arguably) were spectacular, and made up for what was slightly lost.



Overall, it wasn't a bad book. Good story, amazing pictures, but the style and planning of the actual book could have been better and I'm sure it will as Ransom Riggs continues to write.


I have read it for my book club about... four months ago? From what I remember, it was intriguing. I was really interested  as to what was going to happen, whether it was fictional or "reality" and so on. But as for the ending... I was a bit disappointed. It got a bit confusing and my mind began to wander. Although, I do give it a 3 out of 5 and yes, I will read the next one. Any thoughts on Jacob's relationship with Emma? 

I liked it, I'm a little confused about all the time travel stuff and I think that the Jacob+Emma relationship went too quickly but overall I liked it. I wish Ransom Riggs mentioned what happened to the two creepy twins, there were two pictures of them from his grandfather and then they're not really mentioned when Jacob actually meets the peculiars. I also really liked the pictures. 

Actually, if I remember correctly, the twins included Victor, who was dead by the time Jacob got there and his sister was the one that could lift boulders (don't remember her name even though I read it last week!). She is the one that ended up being quite a hero when they were trying to get to the lighthouse. 

I could be mistaken though. :)

I read this book about a month an a half ago and I thought it was fantastic. I was a bit apprehensive to read it at first because I thought it might be somewhat childish, but it was that sense of child-like innocence and curiosity in the book that drew me in and got me hooked on it. It was refreshing to read it because I could not, at any time, guess that what going to happen next in the book. I love books that aren't too predictable, they keep me on my toes while reading and prove to never be boring. I actually found myself dreading the end of the book because then it would be over and I so wanted to continue the journey of the Peculiar Children with them. 

The book also genuinely creeped me out at times. It was so captivating that I felt I was actually in the basement of the rotting house or in the old rooms, not knowing what could pop out at me at any moment. I didn't want to put it down and I thought it was beautifully written. Cudos to Ransom Riggs. 

Also, the very last sentence of the book is perfect. "We rowed faster."

Wonderful book, Ransom Riggs makes great videos, and apparently great novels as well. The book jumped out at me at the store, and I loved it. Many of my freinds thought the title was peculiar, but I enjoyed it.

I liked this book, it has a great, unique style to it. The plot did begin to lag a bit, which was disappointing because I had fairly high expectations for the ending and "final showdown" or whatever you want to call it. I think that Emma and Jacob's relationship was strange, what with Emma having been in love with his grandfather and everything, but I'm kind of curious to see where that goes in the next book, which I'm planning on reading.

Also, I really enjoyed the pictures. I liked looking ahead at them to try and predict what happens and silly things like that. They're what made me want to read the book in the first place, actually.

I've also heard that Tim Burton is thinking of making a movie out of the book, which would be really awesome :D

I bought this book as soon as John blurbed it, i started and completed it within two days of receiving it. 

to me, this book is special, it shows the amazing talent of Ransom Riggs and also encompasses the wonder of photographs within it. 

i would recommend this book to any one who enjoys a good read!

I read this last month and thought it was really good, especially for a first book. It was unlike anything I had read with a completely unusual plot. It was weird and the photos made it a little creepy, but thats not really a bad thing. I hope Ransom Riggs writes more books, I will definitely read them.

This shall be blurb-less because I'm uninspired. 

What really stuck in my mind after reading this was the Neverland feel to Miss Peregrine's home. The kids sort of existed outside of time, so even though decades  went by, they stayed children. You could tell how time was passing, but they  were sort of stuck. This was something the author did beautifully, especially the side plot with Emma and Jakob's grandfather. 

I read it and I personally think it was the most wonderful thing ever since tomatos or lions. LOL The pictures were great and the story line was ineresting. Then pictures were fantsactic (or however you spell it).


My blurb: Jacob Portman is a rather strange kid will a rather ordianry life. Untill one day his grandfather calls him at work frantic that the monsters are here. He goes to his grandfather's house only to find his mangle remains in the woods. When he looks up what he sees will change his life forever. (dun Dun DAAAA):)


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