Blurbing book club book from August 27th, 2010 - September 30th. 

Here's a few things you should probably do:

1. Read the book (obviously).

2. Come back to this forum and leave your thoughts about the book. You can write a sentence, you can write an essay, it doesn't matter, whatever you want.

3. Blurb the book.
Some of you may not know what a blurb is so allow me to explain: A blurb is a sentence of 10 words or less, that sums up the book in question. If you want an example, look on the back (occasionally the front) of some books lying around your house. Those are blurbs.

Keep in mind that you can also compose lol-cat blurbs if you'd like (the same thing but with internet slang).

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but still sad to know she never saw her mother again. Truth be told I was never a big fan of Gale. But that's just me. Peeta stole my heart from the moment with the bread. Plus he always did what ever he could to save Katniss. I'm just saying :P

Up until Mockingjay I had been rooting for Gale the whole time (Not just because I like his name) Because they had been friends for so long and I kind of like the idea of best friends becoming more then that... but in this book he seemed like a real jag off...
I'd say it was my least favorite book in the trilogy, but it wasn't really bad... It made me feel angry/sad/happy and all the things a good book can make you feel. I remember when they were deciding whether or not to make the capital's children participate in a new Hunger Games I almost threw my book across the room, and then I later high fived it when katniss made the right decision in my mind.
I think Finnick's death struck me a bit more then Prim's for some reason.... But anyway it was a good book.
Blurb: Sometimes life goes on, whether or not you want it.
I enjoyed this book because it left loose ends and things did not clean up perfectly in the end. Life is messy especially in a revolution and to say that a happy ending for a human being would happen when a revolution is won and ignore all the damage that getting to that point does to the psyche would be a horrible falsehood.
Of course, spoilers are to come....Would you really read this discussion if you haven't read it?

So I read this a month ago when it came out. I really loved the book series, even if I didn't love the ending. Which I didn't.
Actually, the first time I read the first two books, I didn't really like Katniss. It was somewhat of a love-hate relationship between me and the book. After rereading the first two books this summer, I began to understand her a bit more and laugh a bit.
I was always Team Gale (and I loved Finnick. Not for Katniss, just to love him for who he is....Finnick in his underwear, hilarious!), probably because I tend to like the love interest that comes first. I didn't have a problem with Peeta, but he wasn't for Katniss. Gale knew her so much better. Gale went a bit over the deep end, but I'm still confused about the ending with Prim (probably because I haven't reread it yet). To sum up my ramblings, I liked the book, but I still have the love/hate relationship. Not sure why I like it, possibly just its brilliance.
Blurb? I like the one Jennnn had, at the bottom of page 1, "The Games are finally over. Real or not real?"
I can't think of a better blurb, so is it okay if I just advertise hers? Hope you don't mind, Jennnn.
Blurb - Luck is on her side, but for how much longer...
Okay so everyone was talking about the Hunger games and I picked it up not knowing what to think an BAM! I'm hoooked. This book was so sad I can't believe how many times I cried. Finnick and Prim just killed me. Finnick's death kind of reminded me of Remus because they both had just gotten married and so on and so forth. I really was so happy when he and Anne finally reunited, but I should have seen something like this coming.

Now I loved the book but I felt like the last few chapters were rushed. i wish they would have went more in depth of the rebuilding of the government, Peeta's mental healing, Katniss struggle to get back to a normal life. You saw a little bit of it but not to much. Her whole time in the hospital at the end confused the heck out of me, but after a few readings I understood it a bit better.

Okay so I supported the whole Peeta/Katniss relationship since the bread story, I mean come on that was just ugh melted my romantic heart. So finding out what happened to Peeta killed me and I"m glad we got to see how it affected Katniss because it was then we got to see her real feelings for him though it was STILL encrypted which bugged the heck out of me. Maybe it was just me that was hoping for the moment when Katniss realized she truly loved him and not Gale but that was just me.

Over all I loved the book I think some parts were rushed others were drawn out. But I still loved it and sad that the series is over with. I only wish we got a little bit more Peeta/Katniss time and a bit more on what happened between the last chapter and the epilogue

But now here comes the big debate about
love love love

I always prefered Gale, just because i think Peeta overdid the whole 'in love with Katniss" thing, he didnt show a side of him that was rational or grounded enough for me, but I didnt like his attitude about blowing up the mountain. I loved Finnick, he was the most funny and entertaining character in the book. I like Katniss, she did well with what she had to cope with and was caring and vivacious. I didnt like that she voted yes to hold the Hunger games again tho. I had conflict about both Gale and Katniss as a whole, but i think that makes them more real as people are also multi sided and complex.

I enjoyed the series immensely, the ending was a bit sappy but one the whole the ending was good.


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