Blurbing book club book from August 27th, 2010 - September 30th. 

Here's a few things you should probably do:

1. Read the book (obviously).

2. Come back to this forum and leave your thoughts about the book. You can write a sentence, you can write an essay, it doesn't matter, whatever you want.

3. Blurb the book.
Some of you may not know what a blurb is so allow me to explain: A blurb is a sentence of 10 words or less, that sums up the book in question. If you want an example, look on the back (occasionally the front) of some books lying around your house. Those are blurbs.

Keep in mind that you can also compose lol-cat blurbs if you'd like (the same thing but with internet slang).

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I loved the book! I'll admit when I started reading the hunger games a few years ago, I wasn't really taken, but I'm a big re-reader of books. The second and third times around I just loved them!

I think Mockingjay was my second favorite after the first book, but it was still awesome. I didn't expect a lot of what happened, especially Peeta's hijacking, which made the book all the more interesting. And as a lover of good vs. evil books (I mean, honestly, Harry Potter was like my childhood bff), I really appreciated the blurring of the lines and how Katniss struggled with her past and present. Some parts were confusing and hard to follow, especially once they got to the capital and were making their way through the streets and underground, but it didn't really take away from the novel itself.

I'm glad Katniss ended up with Peeta as well. They just have too much history and I always felt that Gale had a more separate relationship with her rather than the unit that Katniss and Peeta were made into by their combined experiences. Of course, Gale and Katniss would have a more healthy relationship in practice, but her relationship with Peeta is the reason why anyone reads a romance/whatever novel, right?

However, I have one big issue with the book. They killed off Prim! What the heck? I mean, I guess it's the whole self-fufilling she-would-have-died-anyway-no-matter-what thing carried over from the first book, but it still wasn't cool! I guess I don't like it when authors kill central characters off.

Anyway, I've never done a blurb before, nor really written LOL stuff, so here goes...

Pwning pawn iz pwning ur panem et circenses.

I was so happy with the epilogue!! Can I just say: better than Harry Potter's. Yes, what a crime, HP is the epitome of amazing novels, but that epilogue was just not that good. I loved that no one was completely happy, and that they still had some things to work out, but that's what makes it life! I don't think Katniss will ever be truely happy with her life; she'll always be scared and suspicious and weary. And that's never a comfortable life to live. I do agree with the choice of Peeta though. Gale was to overpowing and Katniss needed a comfort, not a fire, just as she said in the book. I was sobbing at Prim and Finnick's deaths, but I think it was a logical sequenence of events for the book. And I was SO happy with Coin's death!

Blurb: Tests are taken, cloursure ensured, and the ending bittersweet.

I don't feel that the ending what "sort of" rush, i feel that the ending was absolutely rushed. I would have rather her extend the period before she released the book and taken the time to really work through the book then have the book come out when it did. Or maybe it felt complete, the post-Hunger game/Capital part isn't the fun part. So I would have liked it to remain short, but a little longer, a lot more descriptively thought out.

Epilogue: I didn't appreciate the epilogue at all. It was a classic "happily ever after" coup out. The story didn't begin in a happy tone, I don't think it should have ended in one. Her and Peeta ended up together, Gale disappeared from her life to another district... Fine. One of my favorite and least favorite things is when a book ends without an explanation of what happens to the rest of the characters lives. In the end of a series you want a sense of finality; however, that doesn't mean you want their lives spelled out--they ended up together, happy, content, and had children. I like wanting to know and not knowing all at the same time. On the one hand, you want to know what is going to happen to them, you wonder, you want to know what the author imagined their lives to be like, but anytime I have ever found out in a brief sequence of sentences the happenings of the rest of their lives, I feel disappointed. There is no wonder left, no sense of imagination and guessing. That is what happens. You know. The end. I like when I reread a book or think about a book, and my mind instantly wonders about the rest of the characters' lives.

I was, like most, disappointed when Katness said "yes" to holding a Hunger games with the Capital children. It was very disturbing. But I remember that she wasn't thinking completely rationally or ethically. She was emotional and angry. Her sister had been killed in a war that was only necessary due to the Hunger Games existence and the Capital wanting to prove it was in power. And what better way to make the Capital citizens understand than to put their children into the same situation. When Katniss said 'yes,' I was sickened, but had my sister or daughter been in Prim's place and I in Katniss's, I don't know if I wouldn't do the same.

I was heartsick when Finnick was killed. I loved him. But props to Suzanne Collins for being able to kill of characters the way she does. I think that takes a lot. Most authors say that "so and so" probably should have died, but s/he couldn't do it. That isn't the case with Suzanne, and that makes things interesting for a reader. You never know who is going to die when you turn the page.

I enjoyed the war aspects of the book. The realism that people die. Gale's almost heartlessness in regard to traps. Katniss's disgust, the acceptance that in war, you kill when necessary. She shot that woman to keep her from raising an alarm. I love the intellectual thoughts the book brings up. For example, How old is President Snow? Was he old enough to be the creator of the Hunger Games? Or was someone else responsible? Who/what type of people raised him? What is the mentality of a society where the Hunger Games and controlling the districts is the norm and acceptable? Uh, I love it. I love this series. Fabulous. I will miss it!!
Mockingjay was AMAZING and so intense! I got a little confused about the ending. Was it a dream? At first I thought so but then it became more realistic. Thoughts?
Why didn't they just die?
I really want to read this book, but I need to read the first one. I will do so as soon as it clears up outside.
Why did Collins kill everyone? Way too many people died.
At least she doesn't get attached to her characters like some authors do. She she definitely likes WTF moments for the reader. Killing good characters is very good for that. Or having the nicest guy ever choke his one true love. She is just very good at that.
I agree, I'd rather have a J.K. Rowling or a Suzanne Collins that tells a good novel, not just a happy ending. But still, Prim's death really got me!
District 2.... WHAT THE CRAP IS SHE DOING TO THAT POOR BOY. I mean really. Gale must be miserable.
Ok, so I stayed up pretty late last night finishing Mockingjay. First of all, let me jsut start by saying that I LOVED the first two books. I couldn't put them down. So I have to say that while I didn't hate Mockingjay, it was definitely a step down for me. I was so shaken by the sadness and depression in it that I couldn't sleep, and I'm pretty sure I had weird dreams about it, too.

But after thinking about it, though I realized what was bothering me. I'm a "happily ever after" type of person. I expected the Capitol to be overthrown, everyone to be happy, and Katniss to choose Peeta. ( I LOVE HIM!!) So when a "warped" version of that happened, I was totaly taken by surprise. Katniss spends most of the book in the hospital and depressed. So many people die. And even when they get married ,there's always that pain and loss underneath everything. I know that's what makes it more real. I agree with that. Of course when there's a rebellion, people die. Of course death changes people. It's just not what I wanted to happen :-(

So, overall, The book was good. Different, but good. I definitely prefered the constant moving of the story that was in the first two books, because this book was boring for a while and then it was so fast I could barely understand what was happening. And it was real, which a lot of people seem to love, and I'm going to have to accept.

Things a lot of people are upset about:
1. The epilogue. Personally, I always like epilogues. I remeber everyone getting riled up about the Harry Potter epilogue, which I thought was just fine. This one was actually more raw, and it made me cry. I LOVE that Katniss and Peeta end up married, and I love that Katniss has children, knowing there's no need to fear that they might be in the Games.
2.The people who died. Call me heartless, but Prim's death didn't bother me as much as Finnicks. Seriously, it was so sad that she died, but I feel like nobody's talking about FINNICK!! He is the saddest story. Maybe everyone else expected it, but I was so not ready for his story about the Capitol. I felt so bad for him. And then, of course, he dies, leaving his wife alone and pregnant. I think he showed such strength and detemination, and definitely a good attitude despite all that happened to him. I really liked him.
3. Katniss agreeing to another Hunger Games. Personally, I was shocked. I understand the reasons she had for it, but I thought her hatred for the Games and her fear of having children because of them would keep her from agreeing to another Games. Someone here mentioned how maybe it was Katniss' plan all along to agree with Coin, and then kill her. It sounds logical to me. Either way, as wrong as I think her decision is, I don't let it change my view of Katniss. I still like her.
4. What is up with Peeta?? Is he hijacked or is he not??
So what I think is that he had a long healing process that was not really in the book, because Katniss avoided the hospital and then went to District 2. So she never got to see how Peeta was becoming normal again. I was only confused when he acted normal for so long while he was with the sharpshooter's camp, but once they were pulled to action, he suddenly wanted to kill Katniss again. Maybe the battle triggered some tracker jacker fear in him.
5. Gale. I feel like everyone's all sad that he isn't in the ending, but I think Katniss' pain over Prim's death prevented her from seeing Gale in a positive light ever again. I always liked Gale, but like Katniss, I didn't like who he became during the war.
6. Her mother. What is with that??? I know she's a doctor and all, but seriously, isn't her damaged daughter more important??

OK, so I think I've written a wee bit too much. Sorry. But you get the picture. I loved the book, but had to get used to the idea that everything didn't end up all sunshines and butterflies.
I guess I was too obsessed with the books. Everytime I think about it, I feel like crying for Katniss and all she went through. And I also want to give a lot of people hugs. Namely, Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Finnick (I can give a dead person a hug, right?) and Annie. And I guess Katniss' mother, although she's not much of a character.

OK- enough!!! Gotta stop!! AHHHHHHHH

Blurb: The Games are over, but has anyone really won?

Kinda lame, I know, but it's such a true and real message of the book. War brings so much death and pain. Even when it's necessary, like in Panem,it's not like winning leaves everyone all happy and bubbly.
So when I expected a happy ending I guess I was being so fake about it. I expected a victory, when what we really got was the truth: war leaves both sides shattered.
I don't think your blurb is lame at all! I really like it. :)


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