Over this Summer, I'd like to get a number of movies, but I don't know which ones I should get.  So, I turn to Nerdfighteria in a plea for movie suggestions.  I already have a number of movies, but I don't want to list them all here and, at the risk of having them repeated, I'm not going to ^.^

So if you'll spare a moment to suggest a movie or two you find good/enjoyable/whatever, I would really appreciate it.

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So many good movies have already been suggested. But here are some more:
Moliere (in French)
The Great Escape
Life of Brian (the less appreciated but still amazing Monty Python film; beware, full frontal nudity)
Reduced Shakespeare (this is actually a recording of a live performance, but it is absolutely worth watching)
These are all really good suggestions! Thanks guys ^.^
If there is any movie a nerdfighter has to see, its Amelie. And Labyrinth.
Watch Clue and Murder By Death. One right after the other is best.
Tron (yes I know, from the year 1982)
Blade Runner

and if you want a good laugh, the Futurama movies
Star Wars
Donnie Darko
Angels and Demons
Pan's Labyrinth
Snow White: A Tale of Terror
Chain of Fools
Return to Oz

These are just movies that I really like, but other people in Nerdfighteria might not... If you happen to like dark stories that, if there is any comedy, it is dark comedy, then look for these.
I can't believe it hasn't made it on here yet, but seriously:

Blazing Saddles. Anything by Mel Brooks is awesome (Young Frankenstein for example), but this one is just insane.

Also, for good measure:

Phone Booth
James And The Giant Peach
All four X-Men movies
What Dreams May Come
O Brother Where Art Thou
And the Butterfly effect 1 and 3, 2 sucks ass
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
The African Queen
The Blues Brothers
Grosse Point Blank
High Fidelity

Three films I really love.


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