Over this Summer, I'd like to get a number of movies, but I don't know which ones I should get.  So, I turn to Nerdfighteria in a plea for movie suggestions.  I already have a number of movies, but I don't want to list them all here and, at the risk of having them repeated, I'm not going to ^.^

So if you'll spare a moment to suggest a movie or two you find good/enjoyable/whatever, I would really appreciate it.

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If you only watch one movie in your entire life, watch hot-rod. The guys in the lonely island are totally nerdfighter
So many good movies have already been suggested. But here are some more:
Moliere (in French)
The Great Escape
Life of Brian (the less appreciated but still amazing Monty Python film; beware, full frontal nudity)
Reduced Shakespeare (this is actually a recording of a live performance, but it is absolutely worth watching)
These are all really good suggestions! Thanks guys ^.^
If there is any movie a nerdfighter has to see, its Amelie. And Labyrinth.
Watch Clue and Murder By Death. One right after the other is best.
Tron (yes I know, from the year 1982)
Blade Runner

and if you want a good laugh, the Futurama movies
Star Wars
Donnie Darko
Angels and Demons
Pan's Labyrinth
Snow White: A Tale of Terror
Chain of Fools
Return to Oz

These are just movies that I really like, but other people in Nerdfighteria might not... If you happen to like dark stories that, if there is any comedy, it is dark comedy, then look for these.
Stay is really fantastic. I wish more people knew about it!
I can't believe it hasn't made it on here yet, but seriously:

Blazing Saddles. Anything by Mel Brooks is awesome (Young Frankenstein for example), but this one is just insane.

Also, for good measure:

Phone Booth
James And The Giant Peach
All four X-Men movies
What Dreams May Come
Especially the second X-Men!
O Brother Where Art Thou
And the Butterfly effect 1 and 3, 2 sucks ass


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