So Peoples of the Ning,

Me and a Friend, [Zoe] were wondering, Who would be interested in doing a vlog channel, with Three to Five people, posting vlogs, it seems an epic idea, of people from around the globe, and across countries to vlog and connect.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to message me or reply below,

Regards, Giraffe,

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Typical, you in?


It is an epic idea...... :D

I'm interested... but I haven't done any blogging before.. so yeah. I'd love to try. You can keep me out if I'm bad. :D lol!

Ok, To All involved/ Wanting to be involved,
Add me on Skype/ PM me,

damanofdreams [Jay Smith]

I'm interested :)

I'm edoardo 18

from Puerto Rico (Caribbean)

Hey there,

I would love to join!


Youtube Links!

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