Hello, I'm Daniel and I'm a Music Junkie

my particular addictions are (name up to 3)
Flogging Molly
The Killers

and you are...?

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<3 Beatles
I am addicted to Arctic Monkeys, Frank Turner and Mumford & Sons!! Well at the moment anyway lol
Hey my names Charlie,
I love a mixture of stuff! :D
Iron Maiden are number one tho, excited for their new album! :D If your an iron maiden fan too check out for the free single!

I also like bands like Trivium, Dream theatre, I mean I love ALL music but these are the bands I'm mad about at the moment!
Just call me Bob...

Only Muse for me, and Rachmaninov.

I listen to a lot of other stuff to, but that's just list fill, and mood spesific. But the two above mentioned resonates throughout my body no matter what! :)
Apocalyptica is making orchestra badass one song at a time.
My brother and his friend Nathan play cello (i play viola) and in orchestra they screw around and learn some random metallica/apocallyptica/hollywood undead songs. Both play some electric bass/guitar, so they apply that to the knowledge that helps tranfer the notes.
I'm Asa! And I'm addicted...

Three Days Grace
Hollywood Undead
Well, only choosing three was a little difficult but here they are:

The Scene Aesthetic
It's really hard to choose just 3! Umm...
1) Skillet
2) Switchfoot
3) Christophe Mae (French music! <3)
The Streets
The Mountain Goats
ah.. this is hard.. so many!!

Umphrey's McGee
The Ditty Bops
Keller Williams
Bonjour Daniel !

These are my current favorite artist (i'm very inconsistant with my musical taste)
Joy Division
Paolo Nutini


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