Hello, I'm Daniel and I'm a Music Junkie

my particular addictions are (name up to 3)
Flogging Molly
The Killers

and you are...?

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<3 Beatles
I am addicted to Arctic Monkeys, Frank Turner and Mumford & Sons!! Well at the moment anyway lol
Hey my names Charlie,
I love a mixture of stuff! :D
Iron Maiden are number one tho, excited for their new album! :D If your an iron maiden fan too check out for the free single!

I also like bands like Trivium, Dream theatre, I mean I love ALL music but these are the bands I'm mad about at the moment!
Just call me Bob...

Only Muse for me, and Rachmaninov.

I listen to a lot of other stuff to, but that's just list fill, and mood spesific. But the two above mentioned resonates throughout my body no matter what! :)
Apocalyptica is making orchestra badass one song at a time.
My brother and his friend Nathan play cello (i play viola) and in orchestra they screw around and learn some random metallica/apocallyptica/hollywood undead songs. Both play some electric bass/guitar, so they apply that to the knowledge that helps tranfer the notes.
I'm Asa! And I'm addicted...

Three Days Grace
Hollywood Undead
Well, only choosing three was a little difficult but here they are:

The Scene Aesthetic
It's really hard to choose just 3! Umm...
1) Skillet
2) Switchfoot
3) Christophe Mae (French music! <3)
The Streets
The Mountain Goats
Bonjour Daniel !

These are my current favorite artist (i'm very inconsistant with my musical taste)
Joy Division
Paolo Nutini

This is hard, I'll have to stick to my current addictions

1)Dr Noise

2) Ich+Ich

3) Bat for Lashes


I have a really eclectic taste in music and I'm always listening to it. 



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