Hello fellow nerdfighters.
I was wondering how many people would like to get together to create a charity album to sell on the web, and help some charities with the procedes. I was thinking maybe one track each, of any style, funny or serious, and bring it all together to sell for the greater good! Anybody can help out of course. Im finishing my degree in music at the moment so im in a perfect position to exploit my uni's resources! And i cant think of a better community to do this with.

Does anybody have te spare time and effort to help bring this together? - Is the group.

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I am totally down for that! I'm a ska/punk musician in Hawaii. I will do what I can! :)

Nice! share it about if you can. about 6 - 10 musicians is perfect. if we can get that, ill start a group.

Cool cool! Well I'm currently living in hawaii and I have none of my equipment with me. But I'll be in LA in a few weeks and I'll be able to get some tracks down! :)

I got songs. I got recording equipment. I can make a go at this. When you looking to get it done by?

Great, it all depends on how much material is ready to go from the start. Some people may need help from others to record vocals or instruments they dont have, which could take some time. We will know when we get about 6 musicians with their own tracks. If they had their stuff ready to record by the en of December for example, we could have it mixed, mastered and ready for release in february.

Me too! I want to help =)

I don't know if you want to incorporate a ukulele though

Sure! If you want to do a Uke/vocal track then by all means get envolved. If you want to just record a Uke track for one of the other fellas then thats cool to. We can discuss this on the group page ill start today.

this sounds awesome, at the moment i am writing a album with my sister but i would love to take time to write i song for this!

the only this i would need help with is how to rechord my self

Well, if you have a mic, i am willing to mix and master a few tracks for people who dont have the software. which means worst case scenario, you would just have to find a USB mic, which are fairly cheap nowadays, any musician should think about getting one. Plus if you need any tips on recording or producing i can lend a hand.

that would be great. i have a drum synth program that i can add using audicity. and i am getting a mic with in the month. but i have NO idea what to do with all this stuff.

Its totally free and expressive. so, do what you do best! theres a while before this is gonna be finished so you got time to think it over.


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