My boyfriend is facing deportation-there's a chance you can help.

I've already been flamed on other forums, but when you love someone you keep on trying.

My boyfriend's father was an L1 visa holder and he and his whole family came over here 12 years ago. Four years ago his father passed away unexpectedly, and because of this the lawyers that were taking care of the family's permanent residency paperwork felt they were no longer obligated to continue working on the paperwork because his father was no longer an employee. His whole family is here, and legally. One sister is married and a legal resident, his little brother who is only 9 was born here. His mother and other sister are here on student visas. They maintained their legal status and have routes to citizenship. John however was unable to maintain legal status due to slow processing speed of his student visa. If John is deported he's going to be torn away from his whole family. Not to mention has no real ties to the Philippines. He has no criminal record. He just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, and he would like to seek further education if he can stay in the country.

There have been cases where the deportation has been stopped thanks to grass roots campaigns.

We were instructed by his lawyers to gather community support in pe...

The donations after signing go to the site itself not John. Anonymous and duplicate signatures will be deleted. None of them are fake, as I've been accused of that already. This is going to be submitted to the judge in his case, so I wouldn't dream of taking any chances by doing something like that.

Thank you for reading through this, and I'm sorry if I have come to the wrong place.

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