My faveorite book was recently chopped into a bucnch of little peices and hurled down to

So I went to the theater at midnight all dressed up to go see Percy Jackson and the Olypmians: The Lightning Thief.  I was badly, badly dissapointed.  Badly.  Ok for one, there were like, 30 people in the theater, max.  It was probably less.  And then the movie started. FAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAILFAIL.  Ok heres a list of things that were wrong:


1. Annabeth.  She is a blonde 12 FREAKINGYEAROLD.  She was played by a BURNETT 26 year old.  Flaws anyone?

2.  Their supposed to be 12.  Why are they driving?

3.  Movie Director: "Ok due to budgets we have cut some stuff out.  How about the plot?  That can go right?"

4. Where'd the orange camp tee-shirts go??

5. And the camp necklaces???

6. Ares...was...gone.

7. So was Clarisse!

8. Chiron was brown!

9. Nashville...I think you mean St. Louis.

11. The end...there were no pit scorpians!! 

 Did you notice anything else?  I'm sure there's more.  Post away my angry fans!!

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Now that's a plot hole... I did the same thing with dragonball evolution!**not on nerdfighters but there was a hell of a rant!** And knowing a few things abpout greek gods, I gotta say, there really messed up the Persephone thing...
Have you seen John's video about how books and their movie adaptations cannot be compared because they are completely different experiences? If you are going to a movie to see the book played out on screen, then you will always be disappointed. The director does not have the motive from the start to make an exact replication of the text into film. That's just not the goal. Instead, the director wants to make a movie that is an interpretation. Of course it's not going to be the same, or even have all of the same plot points. It's a movie about the idea in the book, not a movie of the book.
But then again, you can still say the director's interpretation is horrible and they completely butchered the idea behind the book.
I agree. If you try and do exactly what is in the book, you get the six hour version of Pride and Prejudice. Even if you try and stay close to the book, you end up with 14 hours of the Lord of the Rings. Film as a medium just doesn't have the time to develop a plot that a book does. However, it does have the advantage of bringing what plot it has to life visually.
Crazy people. Those were just examples of what it takes (in my opinion) to translate a book into a movie.
But they didn't just cut stuff out, they made up a new plot line and added random stuff like going to Nashville.


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