I'm new to the vlogbrothers and nerdfighters, but so far, I am loving this community. I'm glad to be a part of a community that is trying to decrease worldsuck. Because of this, I'm sharing an opportunity to help decease worldsuck for my girlfriend. She has chronic Lyme disease that has infested every part of her body, eating though her organs, muscles, and brain. This gives her immense pain and the inability to do routine tasks without a lot of concentration.  She has found a clinic that specializes in treating Lyme, but because of this preexisting condition, she has no insurance. Her mom and I are working together to raise funds to pay for her medical bills.

Here is the link to her online medical fund:

And here is a video explaining what my girlfriend will need to do for her first set of treatments:

If you want to confirm this is real, you can talk with me on here, as well as, my girlfriend Crystal, and her Mom though facebook. Just send me a message, and I'll give you a link to their profiles.

I'm putting myself out there nerdfighters, and I hope you can be awesome by helping my girlfriend have a normal life.

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