Does anyone know some cool/neat/easy ways of making it fit right? I ordered the girl size instead of the unisex one. Big mistake! It fits all weird and it's one size too big. 

Preferably without using a sewing machine, but if need be, I know a couple people with one. 



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Use an elastic and tighten the bottom and make yourself have a little shirt-tail-thing sticking out of your kidney?
You tuck the tail in under it.
Sheesh, TBK.
I'm sorry Ms.I-know-everything.
Cut a narrow, upside-down triangle out of the back of the shirt, cut slits into the sides, and thread some sort of lace through the slits. Impromptu corset FTW.
This is what I did with my This Machine Pwns N00bs shirt, and it turned out pretty well. Also cut off about two inches from the collar, which helped the positioning of the corset lacing.
search t-shirt reconstruction on youtube and find something you like. there are tons of options out there... just make sure you practice on your non-pizza shirt first.
My shirts always shrink the first time I wash them... you could try that...


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