After seeing all the awesome name suggestions everyone is giving James for his kitten, I thought I would take advantage of the nerdfighter's amazing creativity as well.   Here they are, awaiting some epic nerdy names!

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One of the roosters names should be Captain Jean-Luc Picard....

Or Captain Jack...not sparrow though [or sparrow(also for a rooster)]

Penelope would be a nice name for a hen.

OH how about Roxy[you know from the musical Chicago(hen)].

That's it for now.♥


Indigo [like Tom Milsom's song]

I'll add two.


Names the two black ones, Data and Wheaton.. Oh, the other black chick would be Frontalot. 

I like the name Butch for one of the boys and one of the black be should be called Train and one of the girls should be called Evelyn. thats about all i can think of but hope all goes well with the naming!!! ^_^

Name one Glados

Margo, Lindsey, and Alaska

Collin, Q or Quentin, and Miles

Donny, Frank, Teddy, Betty, and Annie (DFTBA)



Sara and Katherine



Yes, Peep! I think it's your duty as a nerdfighter to name one Peep. :)
You should name one Twitter.
You should certainly name two of them John and Hank.


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