NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. 



It's the time when you challenge yourself to write a novel in a month. It's pretty intense, and this is my first year doing it, so I'm excited! and nervous. 



If you're doing NaNoWriMo this year, comment! Go! Come on! YOU CAN DO IT! I want to know who else is writing this month and who has written in previous years. Good luck everybody, I hope to meet some new young authors! }




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Oh, this has been a story that I've been thinking about since 2008.  

I actually got quite a bit done in it at one point, but there was The Great Computer Crash of 2009, which wiped out everything except for one chapter I had online.  

Since then my writing style has changed quite a bit and I've altered the story a lot.  I won't be using the chapter was saved.  

My outline is more of a loose timeline.  

What's your story about?  What genre?

Oh whoa, really? :D That's kind of great. And Nanowrimo's a great excuse to write, eh? c:

Whoa. I'm so sorry. That happened to one of my friends, she had a novel that she'd been working on for 2 years and then her flash drive went through the washing machine. o.o

My writing style has changed a lot in the past couple years, so I'm pretty happy with it right now. :D We did a quick short story in English today and I actually really liked mine. 



My story's about a girl named Mary Sue(I know, I know. She goes by May. And she's the opposite of a Mary Sue. So it's ironic. yay) who has to fight demons in her dreams, and she doesn't remember anything from before she was 11. So it's her struggle and her ignorance, her adventures and explorations of battles. I think I'll have a number of days that the story will be told over, and each day will be a chapter. I know that's a little John Green, the time-marker chapters, but I've always liked the idea, even since before I became a nerdfighter. 

What's yours about? c:

That sounds really interesting.  I'm excited for it.  :D

Here's mine:

The anniversary of the day Ash’s mother left is rapidly approaching.  Her father is drinking more to try and deal with it.  And Ash can’t seem to rid herself of the cute, guitar-playing, charming Will who has tricked her into seeing his band play this weekend in a town a couple hours away.  However, Ash receives some news at the concert that pushes Ash to the limits.

Ash finds out at the concert that her father was in an accident while he was intoxicated.  We aren't sure if it was a suicide attempt or a drunken accident.  

Ash's mother finds out about this and comes to see them a couple days later.  She and Ash fight.  A lot.

This is young adult.  The themes are alcoholism, parental abandonment and learning to become an adult, essentially.  There is a love interest, Will.  But this isn't a story about a boy and a girl.  This is a story about a girl.  Who happens to start dating a boy. 

That sounds amazing. :o I left out a couple things in mine. But still, yours is way cool. It sounds awesome. like. no joke. I WANT TO READDDD


Okay. so. little more info. May is dating a boy named Sam, but I don't want him to be a main character in the story, more supporting and not mentioned much. However, May is a hard-shelled stubborn girl, nothing gets to her, she never cries, takes care of herself, etc. I don't want a lot of family in this story, if any at all. I don't think her mom is even going to have a name. XD just "Mom." I think her dad is going to have left at an early age, but she doesn't remember, you know. Cause she doesn't remember any thing from before she was 11 and she doesn't want to ask her mom because she's an independent person, and wants to figure out her past on her own. Through most of the story, though, she tries not to think too much about her past, about all that could have happened that she doesn't even remember. so. yeah. MHMM

I will email you all I have for this story.  We can become NaNo buddies.  This means I'll be infinitely more likely to actually do it now.  ^_^
I'd love to get updates on your story, send me each chapter AS SOON AS you finish(if you have time)? :D
Sure thing.  I want updates on yours too.  :D

Don't worry, no amount of outlining makes you feel more prepared for NaNoWriMo. I just spent the past three days finishing my outline and I'm still freaking out! 

It's my first year too!
I'm definitely doing it. This will be my fourth year!
Would anyone here be interested in being a NaNoWriMo buddy?
I would! :)


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