I attempted and failed at NaNoWriMo this year; November was a really crazy month for me. I still want to try to complete the 50,000 words though, so I'm going to do it beginning January 1. Do any of you awesome nerdfighters want to join me in this venture?I think it would be good to have the support system that NaNoWriMo provides, even if it's not during the official month. Anybody who wants to edit the novel they wrote in November during the actual NaNoWriMo is welcome too!

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Contradiction, I'm glad you can join us! I think I agree with the thread.. and AJ, I'm not sure about the inbox messages. I'll try to mess around with that and figure something out.

I always thought November was a really inconvenient month too (it doesn't even have 31 days!), but I guess there's not much to be done about it. But yeah, if anyone want to do it during the summer, that's a great idea; most people generally have more time then.

So true! I think I have a general gist of what I want my novel to be about.. but it isn't very developed, so we'll see if it actually goes anywhere or not :/

True! And as we all know and have been educated by John, a novel worthy of publication or really any real reading requires lots and lots of revision. So even if the first draft doesn't have as much detective work, you can always go back and add more in when you're editing it. :)

JulNoWriMo is half-official, if that's what you guys are interested in. More people participate in that.

Why not just declare 2011 NaNoWriYr, and try to do one novel per month?  screw the "100 book challenge", THAT would take some effort.

Excuses excuses... That's a good way to rationalize mediocrity though, good job.

There is actually such a thing and many people do attempt WriYe.
Cool.  That makes me happy.
Okay, so NaNoWriMo (January Edition) is starting soon! How are your characters/plot ideas coming? Is everyone ready?

I'll join in with you all, I'm attempting WriYe after all, so might as well have some awesome Nerdfighters to start the year writing with.

I suggest, if you all want to communicate, either just talk on here, or make one big Skype Chat Room.

Sounds good, welcome to our little group! :)
Oh no! I hope everything is okay with you :/


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