Today is National Coming Out Day, how will you be celebrating? Will you be sharing your story about coming out or supporting friends?  Parading down the street in a rainbow outfit? Or will you take a more serious approach and create a video for the It Gets Better Campaign?  Link to the campaign - this is a forum to talk about all things related to coming out day. I am an Ally so tomorrow I will be sporting my ally pin and going to the regular LGBTQPA group meeting I attend. 

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I came out as bisexual to my parents. I'm 26, and they're pretty cool about that kind of thing, and I did it in an email, so it was really no big deal, but I felt like it was important to come out, even if I never date another woman, I'd like people to not make the straight assumption.
Everyone should "come out" as bisexuals. That way, no one would make the straight assumption about anyone. Oh, what a world that would be... :)
I don't feel the need to declare my sexuality to anyone, but that's probably because no one I know thinks it makes much difference anyway.


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