Does anyone share my deep love for this show?

Gibbs slapping Tony and McGee on the back of the head. Abby's crazy antics in her lab. Ducky talking to the dead on his table. The drama. The humor. The amazingness.


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I guess no one loves this show as much as me. That's sad, really, considering how wonderful it is.
Don't worry TH Sarah, you're not alone in this. NCIS is indeed a good show. Question is, Kate or Zeva?
I don't even know if I can pick. I really love both of them.

I guess I'm a bit more attached to Ziva, since she's the one on now.
Gonna have to say Ziva. The Mossad from what I've read of their history makes the CIA look like a bunch of little boys with water pistols.
I love the show, these discussions just take time to pick up. Plus I'm not sure how international it is being about NCIS. I tend to watch reruns, not because I want to, but because I can't ever figure out when the new ones come on.
The new ones are on Tuesdays at 8 on CBS.
Um, I do.
So, who's your favorite character?
McGee. That was my gut reaction, but there ar things that I love about every one of them!!
Oh man, I LOVE NCIS. Jimmy's so funny i think. But i like Ziva best. She's viscous and easy to like.

I seriously love this show. I try to watch it every night.

I love NCIS it's the most amazing show ever!
I love NCIS :D:D:D
It has the best story line, and the characters are amazing
It's one of the very few shows where I actually dont' have a favorite charater, because all of them are brilliant. ^_^


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