I am doing a piece of art based on the connections that I can make with people and need your help. I am trying to collect as many responses to 10 simple questions that I can to make this work, because this piece of art is about a community of individuals and who better to show community than that of the Nerdfighters.

So here are the 10 questions if you are interested:
1. number of places you have lived
2. Favorite color
3. Favorite number
4. Favorite shape
5. Birthday. (just the day I don't need month or year)
6. Favorite animal
7. Favorite song
8. age
9. place born
10. desired occupation

I do have some examples here for you.

Thanks for being awesome!!

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1. 7 different apartments, two different towns.
2. Brown
3. 9
4. Fuzzy shape
5. 30th
6. Homo sapiens
7. Rudie can't fail
8. 17
9. Gothenburg, Sweden
10. Photographer

Some of the answers are lies. But only because I can't come up with one single answer to a lot of the questions...
Oh, me like! Me like a lot!
1. 3
2. Blue/Black/Red
3. 12
4. Oval
5. 22
6. Wolf
7. Poker Face
8. 13
9. Cleveland, Ohio, USA
10. Veterinarian
I've been telling more (non-Nerdfighter) friends about your amazing work and... do you mind doing another one for me? If it gets to be too much, definitely say so! Anyway, just in case, this friend's information (her name is Michelle, just for the sake of a file name) is:

1. eight
2. orange
3. thirteen
4. rhombus
5. 11
6. turtle
7. Last Kiss, Pearl Jam
8. 26
9. Clarksburg, WV
10. teacher

Thanks a million in advance. You're seriously cool to do this. :-)
Sorry for the lateness of these I have started this new semester and home has been slowing me down. But alas it will not stop me from producing. Here are your results...
Thank you! She loves it! :-)
1. 4
2. Dark Violet
3. 8
4. circle
5. 21
6. big lazy dogs
7. Bliss by Muse...maybe;)
8. 25
9. Kongsberg, Norway
10. Architect
Sorry again for the late results, My teachers seem to think that my home work should be my personal life. But here are your results...
This is so cool!

1. Just one which is the house i am currently living in
2. ORANGE! though i am fond of rainbows
3. 792
4. Swirls or circles both are lovely
5. The 6th
6. Wolverines...or Giraffes
7. I am the Walrus - The Beatles
8. 14
9. New Milford, Connecticut
10. Writer or patholigist


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