Hello Nerdfighters!
This is our homecoming week and we have a different theme each day. Tomorrow is nerd day! I'm making a Nerdfighters tshirt. Any ideas of what I should put on it?
Also, any ideas of what else I could wear besides the tshirt? I'm thinking of wearing my marching band shoes but that's all that I've thought of.

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Hmmm.... I guess the Nerdfighters symbol (the hands), a puppy-sized elephant, a peep, a bottle of Strawberry Hill wine (maybe not that one), and that's about all I can think of off the top of my head. This is a disgrace.

OH! Draw a map of South Dakota, and then make a really pretty star at Winner. :D
Great thanks! I have limited artistic ability but I'll try some of those :)
My school had Nerd Day during Spirit Week. It was epiiiiiic. What I wore was:

A white polo, tucked into my jeans, which were pulled very high, and rolled up to reveal my mis-matched socks--One from Quebec and one from some US state. I then wore taped Nerd glasses and a really high pony-tail. And sneakers. :P
My friend wore basically the same outfit except different mismatched socks and her marching band shoes instead of sneakers :)
I wish I had a nerd day in high school... We just had lame things like, "color day".
We have color day too. I think it's kinda cool, but only since we also get nerd day and other cool days
We have a Nerd Day as well. I'm wearing a Star Trek tee shirt with Spock/NF hands on it, a skirt, patterned tights, knee socks, glasses, and carrying lots of books (=
You'll need a plastic pocket protector and lots of pens and mechanical pencils. If your shirt doesn't have a breast pocket then maybe you can draw one on.

Oh, and a slide rule. And the biggest calculator you can find.
You should try to find a stuffed Dread Pirate Fireball Wilson Roberts/Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy. Or invent a new Nerdfighting companion of your own.


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