Hello everyone!

For awhile now I have felt like I am much younger than everyone else on various websites I join on the internet because I am only 17.

So I am very curious. What is the age range of nerdfighters? Do we have people as young 15 all the way to their 40's?



So I posted this discussion awhile ago; now I'm actually 18. But after looking at all the comments (and they are still coming lol) I have found that the age range in Nerdfighteria is pretty large. There are nerdfighters who are 13 and nerdfighters who are 24 and 30 and 41! And it doesn't seem to matter. I think that is a beautiful thing about this community.  Everyone is welcoming and we all just want to decrease world suck and create beautiful things and be nerdy together. People who are 15 can hold a great conversation with someone who is 30 and be friends. I'm glad you can find that sort of kindness here.


Yay, nerdfighteria makes me happy.

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I am 18.
Only 13. lol. You're not the only one!
i'm just a nerdy enthusiastic Harry Potter loving 16 year-old.
I'm 14, and I know what you mean about feeling young...
I'm 17 as well. I'm new to this whole Nerdfighter thing but it seems to me that I fall right about in the middle as far as age.
i'm 16 and i think there are a lot of teens out in the nerdfighter community
I'm 14.
... 13.
17, almost :)
I feel like a baby on the internet too...I'm only 15.
lol I'm 13

18 years old (=

Soon to be 19.


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