Hey guys this was a thing raised in Your Pants (wow that never gets old) and I thought I'd put it here as there are more people in the ning group than in Your Pants (I am such a child)

So what do people think about having a nerdfighter gathering some Saturday in Galway? It would be good to get out of Dublin for once and there's a bus from Dublin to Galway for seven euro (citylink) 


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Depends when. But yes. :)

Sounds good, €7's not bad. Never been to a nerdfighter gathering before so might go.

I would be down :)

Love going to Galway, would love to go to a nerdfighter gathering (haven't been before)  Let me know when :)

Okay dokey folks I've heard back from a few people here and in Your Pants ( :D )  and it looks like the Galway gathering is a go. It will probably be the second or third weekend in March. I'll get back to you all with details later. 


how about during the easter break? during the week or weekend then? So the start of aprilish. This may be a better time for the peeps from the dublin/east Ireland side to travel.

That's a possibility. Also people put suggestions of what you would want to do and if there is anyone who wants to stay in a hostel that night and go back the next day. Obviously not everyone would do this.

I'd defo go I live in Galway during the week anyway .itd be awesome

Can any nerdfighter go? I live in Mayo, so I could just take the bus.

No this is a special private nerdfighter gathering. Lol, of course you can go. Most of us are getting the bus from Dublin anyways.

Hey guys so I'm thinking either Saturday the 31st of March or Saturday the 13th of April



After some thought and such we were wanting to do a meet up around Easter as well for Dublin. We were going for more of the 31st or 8th. We were going to throw that out to the group here on the ning since we have been chatting on the book page about it.  

I am a little worried that trying to do a meet up so close might hurt both gatherings. What do you think??


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