I was thinking about the other day and started wondering what it would be like. What country (if any) would it be modeled after? Would we be a democracy? A republic? A dictatorship?
Would Hank and John be Kings? Or Presidents?
What about the Ningmasters... would they be parliament? Or perhaps, Congress?

Am I the only one interested in this? If not, let me know your opinions below.

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Most definitely a democracy.
Hank and John = Presidents :)
They seem more of the Presidential Type anyway.
This is true. They both seem pretty pro democracy. But who would be President and who would be vice? Or would they both presidents? I mean, I know that's not possibly in America, but in Nerdfighteria it could be? I don't know.
Sounds like we need you on the Nerdfighter Government project. We have had some discussions, but we need more input.
Sweet, there are other discussions about this. I got worried at first that I might be the only who ever thinks about this kind of stuff.
The website is
We have a good mix of opinions and a lot of the debate is focused on what we would actually do if we established the government on an Island of Nerdfighteria.
Excellent. I will definatly check that out. Thanks!


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