I'm terminating my subscription to Seventeen Magazine in favour of a more awesome mag.
We already receive Wired and Nat Geo...but I'm def looking for something more environmental technology oriented, any ideas?

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c'mon of you has to know something!
I subscribe to Seed magazine, but it's only bimonthly.
I wish there were an EcoGeek Magazine. THAT would be so jokes. But anywho... the Sierra Club and Audobon Society magazines are pretty good environmental magazines. As far as other magazines go, BBC History is really great, but I'm not subscribed because it's really expensive in the US. I also love Smitsonian Magazine.
I think the idea of an EcoGeek magazine would be a little counter-intuitive. Why use up a bunch of paper on something we can just read online? :P
I'm enjoying the current issue of Home Power. It's both green AND useful. For example, it explains to you how to figure out the optimal orientation for your solar panels and how to figure out what size array you'll need in one article, has another on off-grid freezers, another showing how much lumber, hardware and energy can be saved building house frames on 24 inch centers instead of 16 inch centers, and another on converting a car you currently own to an electric vehicle. This is stuff I can use, am willing to use and will actually make a dent in my energy usage as I put some of this stuff into practice. I am into practical, DIY stuff I can USE and that makes a real difference- not just fluffy reading about what other people are doing.
I used to subscribe to Muse. I loved that magazine.
I also get Popular Science, and Dwell, which are made of awesome.

PopSci indeed has a lot of articles about green technology, and Dwell is an architecture/design magazine that does focus a lot on green design. I love 'em both.

PopSci is amazingggg
they had this article....about the physics of star trek...SO JOKES
Berkeley and Cornell have good mags on that kinda stuff.

SOOO I dunno other than that XD
I used to be subscribed to National Geographic, but I never got around to renewing my subscription this year. xD But I did recently subscribe to TeenInk. :D
Is TeenInk good??
I like it. I dont subscribe, but I'll pick it up if I see it some where. The featured teens in there are awesome. They've got some serious talent.
Smithsonian is my favorite nerd magazine.


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