Nerdfighters, how are you all this fine morning, afternoon, prevening, evening?

I have a question for all the British Nerdfighters out there. Who would like to have a meet-up in the new year, and if so, where would you like to hold it?

Possible Locations:

  • London: Trafalgur Square, Forbidden Planet, Hyde Park
  • NottinghamThe Magazine Square
  • Liverpool: Mersey Docks (next to The Beatles Museum)

These are just general location ideas (I'll note, I'm from London, and live in Leicester half the year, so I have a fairly limited view on locations. Nerdfighteria, best me in these ideas!)

Let us unite, as British Nerdfighters, and fill one of our cities with that much more awesome!

Thanks Nerdfighters.


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I'm from London, I could be up for this if outside of work times =P

Hi..... I'd definitely be up for this, especially if it's in Nottingham. Although I'll echo Ben and say that I'm from Nottingham but don't recognise Magazine Square. I think there's one in Leicester? Anyway, Nottingham would be flipping brilliant, I'm moving back there in the New Year as well! London is a possibility too so long as it's not a day I'm in work.


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