Any nerdfighting artists/bands on here? Maybe you could share your YouTube page here so we can all check out your music? I mean, I'd love to help out other nerdfighting musicians. I'm looking for new music to listen to anyway.
I wrote and uploaded 1 song to youtube, and I'd like to write more and make a cd, but that's pretty far off into the future.

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Hey, if Tom Milsom and Alan Lastufka did it... :P
It's possible!  For example if everyone recorded their instruments individually, one person could mix and master everything together :)
I'm in a band ( :D) but I'm the only nerdfighter in the band, I don't know if that counts :(

My band The Mongrel Jews is totally made of nerdfighters. My bandmates haven't watch the videos yet, but they are prime nerdfighting material, I assure you.


I also have started posting some solo stuff on my YouTube channel (, including a cover of "It's Too Hot," if'n y'all want to check that out.

My youtube for music is . Some originals but also a couple covers.

I'm in a band :) it's called Ducttape Crocodiles :D

We don't have anything on youtube YET. Coming soon, if it's on me :)

I am a electronic music producer, i'm currently working on a CD which should come out this Christmass.


I have free downloads at my site

I'm always looking for vocalists to collaborate with :)

Awesome! I'm mynameisvanille on youtube. Few songs up, not much but check it out if you want! Hey, I'll even link it: . Thanks!

I'm in a band called Withered Druid

Also have a solo project called SepticIntercourse


I haven't been able to post much lately, as I no longer have the available technology, but hopefully that will change soon.

Hi guys c: So my friend back home (I'm away at uni right now) and I get together sometimes and record some songs. I love to do solo work, too, but I can't read/write music oooor even play instruments! It can get a little challenging, trying to find musical partners, but I really love singing so I never give up! Here is a sample! We call ourselves Thistle and Hibiscus, because we are characterized as purple. Through high school, she was always the colour red and I was always the colour blue, so it has just jived with us since then! I'd love for you guys to hear it! DFTBA!

I really enjoyed your Cure cover. You have a lovely voice!


I felt the same way a few years ago: I loved singing, but had no experience with instruments. I had the hardest time getting other people to play with I just bit the bullet and learned to play something! I started with mandolin, but I highly recommend ukulele. It's easy to play and learn, and a lot of fun.


p.s. Your guitarist has a Mal Blum shirt! Awesome.


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