Any nerdfighting artists/bands on here? Maybe you could share your YouTube page here so we can all check out your music? I mean, I'd love to help out other nerdfighting musicians. I'm looking for new music to listen to anyway.
I wrote and uploaded 1 song to youtube, and I'd like to write more and make a cd, but that's pretty far off into the future.

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ok just let us record and u get the first copy of beach boys by my band the candy girls
Awesome name too, by the way.

Yeah. I've only got maybe a song or two on there worth listening to.
Hey I thought I'd just tell you that The Pseudo Sonic Friendship supports you! :D
pls tell me tht pseudo-sonic friendship is the name of ur band
if so it quite posibly teh best ever
Yes it is and thank you!
I really like your stuff :D Just thought I'd let you know :) i hate most of my songs...but whatever
How can you hate these? (I really really like them...)

thats my myspace. i am hoping to put up a youtube soon!
Holy crap your fantastic! If me and Eli ever get things running I'd love to do a collaboration with you!
awe! thank you very much!


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