Halloween is in a month! I thought it would be fun to brainstorm some Awesome costume ideas, share our plans for Halloween, and just talk about it in general! Enjoy!

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oh, i love this time of year.

you know that one house in your town that EVERYONE goes to. the one with the awesome people with the fantastic decorations who have to buy like, 8 times as much candy as evryone else? thats us. i live in oen of those houses.


anyway, i really wanna go as dobby this year. i might change my mind, but i think i'm on to a winner. with this one.

It's cool that you guys decorate your house so much; it's one of my favorite parts of Halloween, haha. Dobby is such a cool Halloween costume idea, but I have no idea how you would do it. I have a few ideas for my costume, but haven't decided yet.
it's fairly simple. all you really need to buy is a mask, maybe some gloves, and you can make the rest out of some bedsheets, a sock and a little pair of boots.

That's a great idea. I'm going to be steampunk this year. Also, we started making gravestones to put in our yard, and one of the names is Chris P. Bacon.

HA! Funny.
Halloween is the best! Though the area I'm in isn't too in love with it like I am. I was thinking about being one of those skull guys from the Born This Way music video. I'm not exactly a Lady Gaga fan but I really liked that costume idea :D
I will be going as Mr. Snippy from the web comic Romatically Apocalyptic (website is, check it out, it's really good). Yes I am a girl going as a "Mr." but no one honestly knows if Mr. Snippy is a girl or a guy. With a gas mask on all the time, it can be hard to tell. All I need is the jacket and gun.
Oh, when I lived in the U.S.A., it was brilliant! One of my favorites, up there with culture appreciation day and earth day!
As for the actual things I did put a lot of work into mine. To make it look realistic, I used all sorts of vegetation, not just pumpkins, and made it all look as if the forest itself is out to get them.... Hehehehe

As for Halloween, we don't have it in Israel, but I will probably end up doing a vlog anyways, in wizard's robes.

I'm dressing up as Bill Nye the Science Guy :D
That's so cool! And nerdy!
Haha, thank you!
I'm reusing my ren fair costume as a pirate and opening the door with an On Guard


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