Most people assume that nerds are bad at sport.  Are you? If you are not, what sports do you not entirely suck at?    

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i am also a very athletic nerd. I am good at soccer and lacrosse. i have been playing both for over 5 years though, so you can say that i have had practice. I am also pretty good at basketball, even though i'm only 4' 10". i'm also a pretty good runner. i ran the hot chocolate race in north hampton (i think) and had 8 minute miles.

I'm not bad at sport so much as I'm not good at sport, and haven't really played it since my youth. I think some nerds can be sports nerds specifically, though. 

I run. Running is pretty easy to be good at because you will get injured if you don't run properly, so you adjust your body so you're not getting hurt/look silly and bam, you're relatively good at running.

Other than that, unless you count darts, I am pretty unathletic. I just seriously lack coordination and don't do things properly.

I'm pretty athletic too, but I don't do any team/varsity sports or anything. I'm into martial arts; I've been doing Taekwondo since 4th grade and I'm a second degree black belt now. If school sports weren't so expensive I would join track next year just so that I could do pole vaulting, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Well, I was a hockey/ soccer/rugby/4year varsity letterman for track while in high school. Now I do a considerable amount of hiking and rock climbing.

I was used to swim, I was pretty good at it and competed at nationals pretty much every year between the ages of 10 and 19. I think its less of a case of nerds being bad at sports and more that not many nerds enjoy many sports, I mean whats the point of getting good at something you don't enjoy.

I agree. I think also there's the social aspect. Social interactions are VERY different in sports. It took me a very long time to become comfortable with that kind of social interactions because I didn't the social aspect of sports at first.

I suck at 80% of the sports in the world, but I pride myself at being good at badminton. I can play for hours to end. I swim, too, although not often. I can do the 4 styles.

Other sports? I'm generally bad at aiming and judging my distances. Bad at running, too.

I was pretty good at football (The American Kind) and was okay at baseball. I mean I started as center (My job is basically not to move) on our undefeated freshmen team at my high school, and I was really good at playing 1st base in baseball, but I never made any varsity team because I couldn't hit for crap. Basically, the sports where the least moving involved, I was really good at it.

im very bad at sports. all sports. i have never done any kind of sport which i was actually good at. and i've tried quite a few, trust me. im not athletic at all. im not upset by this, but its just not something i can do. 

I'm a terrible runner, like awful. Although, I'm pretty decent at volleyball and I was captain of Girls JV Basketball team. So I do have some athletic ability. :)

Ya I'm pretty much horrible at sports, however I am pretty strong because I am a competitive dancer. So while I may be afraid of the ball, I can do more push-ups than most of the guys in my gym class because of dance.


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