ok so my family recently got some new pets (a new kitten and two turtles), and subsequently had to name them:
the new kitten is called Sapho- after the famous poet
the two new turtles are called Aragorn and Arwen- after the characters from Lord of the Rings
we also have a dog called Sam Wise Gamgee- also after the character from Lord of the Rings
two gold fish called Ronald Weasly (harry potter) and Darth (after Darth Vader from Star Wars)
two birds called Legolas and Gimli- also after the characters from Lord of the Rings (we're a big lord of the rings family)
and finally a cat called Yoda (star wars)
the only animal not named something nerdy is a cat called Sagwa (no idea where i got that idea, it just came to my mind)
p.s u might be thinking that i have a ton of pets, which i do, but they have been acquired over a long period of time and also my grandmother lives with us and she likes animals and she a Jewish grandmother and not to stereotype, but she is VERY good at guilting people into doing stuff

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Holy cow, that is a lot of pets! = 0

I already have the breed/ gender/ names picked out for the 2 dogs I want. I want a boy boxer named Link, and a girl Welsh Corgi named Zelda (cuz of the ears). And I also want a snake, and I'm sure it will be named something cool and form the evil side of Harry Potter. But prob not a name of a character, just an evil item. But not Horcrux, too literal and Hor for short? lol
I know somebody who named his guinea pigs Alpha (alph), Beta (Betcha), Gamma (Gammy) and Tau (Frank)

I wish I had a cat. Just one cat, oh please. I even had a name picked out and everything, but since getting a cat in the near future wasn't a probable occurrence I named my new laptop "Zeno" instead.

Also, hello everyone. I'm new :]
Welcome :) I'd love a cat too. I'd name it Rapscallion or Harlequin.
Our hamster family, of which, only the last two are still alive, was named: Pip, Bonbel,Pudgy, Baddy,Brainy (who grew up to be Old D, short for Old Dad). Then his wife, named Anzu, eventually became N.D. for Nip Delivery. She bit like hell.
Her children were named Piplynne, Constantine BokChoy (he was mine, and his name became C.B. and then Bey.), Nubt, and Ginger, pronounced with a french inflection. He became Poochy. Then there's Snowy and Jun, prounounced Joon.
They're both females.

i have an idea where you got the name for your cat.

I circled sagwa in red.
Google it, 'Sagwa the cat' and you'll see, it's a tv show.
it got discontinued. it's too bad sagwa was adorable. bet you could find it on youtube though.

i named my cat Ghandalf

I have seen that show
My dog is named Rosie Cotton. My last dog we called Flo, after Deb's "sister"/reflection in finding nemo because she always barked at her reflection in the window. i had finches named Gnoff and Cornflower after the Redwall characters when i was in sixth grade, and then i got hamsters that i named Alfred Pennyworth and Bruce Wayne because one was always cleaning up and one liked to climb up to the top of his tube thingy and jump off.
The bit about the hamsters is the best pet story I've ever heard. By a LARGE margin.
Well when I was growing up I lived with my aunts, grandmother, mother and sister and my aunt had a parrot named "El Chavo" and my other aunt had a dog named Benji after the movie Benji about a stray dog (which he was). Short story is Benji ran around the house like a schizophrenic on acid and my aunt would ALWAYS say "Benji behave" so after a few years the parrot heard this everyday and he started saying out of the blue "Benji BEE-HAIVE" every time Benji ran it was so funny, I miss them. Now I have a cat named Ferngully, it was my favorite movie, considering getting another named Hexxus hahahah
That's awesome that they all have fantasy/ different out of the ordinary names. nothing gets under my skin more than people who name their animals people's names. i dunno it just sounds so WEIRD! like someone could be talking about their pet and you'll think they're talking about a person for a min. crazy. but i shouldn't talk because if i ever have kid's i'm not going to name them ordinary everyday people names.


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