Well as the title says, I think this world is lacking some really good pick-up lines. Because all the single nerdfighters that want to fall into nerfighterlike NEED material to "pick up" those other single nerdfighters! So what I'm getting at here is, comment some of your nerdy pick up lines dow there l
V (i think you know where I mean)

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Is that a linear function in your pants or are you just happy to see me? (for the ladies to use)
Your Chassis looks like it needs some oil.
I've got the unstoppable force if you have the frictionless plane.
My collision detection is pretty good, but I wouldn't mind clipping with you...
En taro, miss.
If you are trying to impress a Doctor Who Fangirl... This one actually worked on me *Shame* and it was at a Doctor Who convention...

"Hey, You know what happens when Timelords take Viagra?...They get bigger on the outside"

This one didn't work on me, but the guy was like 70...

Lick your fingers, then go touch a piece of their cloathing...
"Hey, let's get you out of those wet clothes!"

"Let's go halves in a teen pregnancey!..."

This one is my absolute favourite of all time....

"Look, I think you are the most beautiful girl off all time, and I...I think you are amazing, and I'd love to get to know you...I can use a cheesey pick up line if you want...But, I wanted you to know that first."
Okay, that Doctor Who one would get my clothes off so fast.
That DW line made me laugh :)
The Doctor Who one would totally work on me...
This is the droid you are looking for.
Perfect ending to a perfect thread.

Obviusly someone will post something else now and this comment wont make sence anymore but for me this was the last post
It's the last one for me, too.

... perfect. XD
Oh my god. I would soooo fall for this one. Too adorable.
I would totally use this! XD
by far my fav!


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