Does anyone have any fantastically nerdy pumpkin carving patterns they'd like to share?  Dr. Who?  Star Wars?  Mockingjay?  Harry Potter? 

I found this link to a good Dr. Who one:

Am on the hunt for more.

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This is great!
Well, I only had about 5 minutes in which to carve my pumpkin as I was hostessing the party, so didn't get to try out a pattern. Went with free hand Oogie Boogie from Nightmare because I had a green pumpkin.
I've made a Darth Vader, World of Warcraft orc, and most recently a pacman one.
I did Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert
I made this one of Mario last Halloween :) It turned out really good

Depending on skill levels and how much you follow comic books, some superhero logos could work for next year.

I did a bat signal one several years ago. Spidey's might be a bit trickier, but not too bad. Superman's would definitely be hard for non-artists like myself, but you could try it out. Green Lantern could be cool, or any others, really.

or, if you're more of a computer nerd, Mac or Windows logo. favorite car brand logo. the tree of Gondor. inscription on the Ruling Ring of Power (in english or black script, either way I would be amazed). Balrog (that would take skill. again, I would be amazed). crossed lightsabers. Star wars logo. TRON logo. light cycles (1982 TRON or Legacy). Identity disks (1982 TRON or Legacy). any takers?

Officially getting jacked for fall now.
I personally have never been able to carve something that intricate into a pumpkin (no patience) but I have seen some really well done pumpkins.

I am fairly proud of this Hellboy comic inspired one from last year!





I tried these, I'm not skilled enough to do them though....


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