Does anyone have any fantastically nerdy pumpkin carving patterns they'd like to share?  Dr. Who?  Star Wars?  Mockingjay?  Harry Potter? 

I found this link to a good Dr. Who one:

Am on the hunt for more.

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That Doctor Who one would be awesome but I fear I would be unable to do something quite so intricate (by pumpkin standards). :D
I know, I've never used a pattern before so I'm a bit nervous to try this one out!
Just make sure you have lots of small little tools, I pray your frustration level doesn't get too high :P
Oooo...I like the button eyes idea! Have fun with it! Pumpkin carving is great if you don't take it too seriously. :)

Here are a lot of great Doctor Who designs. I carved the Tenth Doctor one. It turned out amazing. I promise I'll post a picture.
So cool, thanks!
I made that Doctor Who one a few days ago, and this is how it came out:

The photo quality isn't too great (took it with my phone), but I think my pumpkin looks pretty good. I've never done anything nearly as intricate as that before, but it wasn't too difficult to do. Good luck!
Ah, it is excellent! :)
Here is the 11th Doctor and there is also a link on the site for a cyberman!

Also I plan on making this so I will post the pic this weekend! (if it works out lol)
I just finished my Harry Potter one! :)
aw, sweet! do you have a picture?
I did pi and the crack from Doctor Who. they're both pretty awesome.


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