Nerdy/geeky thoughts that have made you want to slap yourself

Hello Nerdfighters!

This discussion idea was inspired by events occurring a few days ago, and I wanted to know if any of you had ever had a similar thing happen to you.

Basically, I was walking to my bedroom with the intent to practice my speech for School Captain. On my way there, I decided to do it in front of my mirror, because (quote my brain) "it will give me Charisma points". I then stopped and wanted to slap myself for believing for even a second that The Sims and real life were interchangable. (Sim-playing Nerdfighters will understand =P)

Needless to say, I didn't end up speaking in front of the mirror; though I could've used some Charisma points. =P

So, has anything like that happened to any of you? You've thought something really nerdy/stupid and were so glad that no one could hear it? =P Share!

EDIT: Alex Day (nerimon) mentioned this discussion in his new video "Google Verb". Win!

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all the time most recently I forgot I still had on this poorly made cloak I recently made and my leather wand holder and I went outside to get the mail a neighbor who just got out of college was haveing friends over I went to get mail and one of them drives up and just stares at me I walk towards my house and he parks and he gets out and goes what are you supposed to be and I get this wierd british accent (im american) and I screamed I AM A WIZARD YOU STUUPID MUGGLE!! he just laughed and looked at me like im crazy then i pulled my wand out and yelled SECTUMSEMPRA
I felt fairly stupid when my mom asked me about it apperently the guy told Brandon (the nighbors son who had party) and Brandon told his mom and she told my mom. I felt so dumb
Not really a nerdy or geeky thought but i often ask myself: why shouldn't i be able to become a comedian *slaps self* of that's right, im not funny.
I scream with joy like a little girl when i heard here was to be an iron man 2... this was witnessed by my entire family

and then again when doctor who came back onto television ^^

The other day at school the teacher had just turned off the overhead projector when someone bumped it and it turned back on again. He said it must have been magic and without thinking I replied that it couldn't have been because electricity doesn't work around magic. Needless to say I got strange looks not only from my teacher but the rest of my class too.
last week, i got a paper cut. i thought, "If Harry can keep cool when Umbridge's magical quill carved words into the back of his hand, then i can handle this paper cut." *sigh*
I was on some obscure blog the other day when I saw that a commenter had posted "10,000+ Internets for you." Now, that statement is nerdy in itself; however, my first though was this:
"10,000 Internets? That's OVER 9000!"

These occurances are pretty frequent for me.
I dream in BBcode and my dreams often reference peoples' avatars from other web forums I use. I wake up and end up majorly facepalming myself.

I also put little [i] and [/i] tags into my thoughts for emphasis. Then, I realize, that you can't make a thought italic, especially not by using tags like that.

I've also thought things like "I'll just google it" while trying to find various lost object around my house. Then, while trying to figure out how one googles the location of the paprika in the spice cabinet, it dawns on me, I'm RL, not OL, so I actually have to search for things. RL Google would be amazing, though....
Sometimes I punctuate when I speak, which used to bother me, but now makes me a little proud. This one time, I was trying to think of the word "bracket"(It was important to what I was saying, although I cannot recall why.) and I said parenthesis instead. At the time I was embarrassed, but now I'm a little bit proud of it.
I guess this isn't quite the same, but I added "Nerdfighting" and "Should involve sunglasses" to my activities on facebook. When my frind and I were on yahoo chat last night we had this lovely exchange

Didn't make me want to slap myself, but slapping her seemed like a good option (she's not DFTBA savvy)


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