Nerdy/geeky thoughts that have made you want to slap yourself

Hello Nerdfighters!

This discussion idea was inspired by events occurring a few days ago, and I wanted to know if any of you had ever had a similar thing happen to you.

Basically, I was walking to my bedroom with the intent to practice my speech for School Captain. On my way there, I decided to do it in front of my mirror, because (quote my brain) "it will give me Charisma points". I then stopped and wanted to slap myself for believing for even a second that The Sims and real life were interchangable. (Sim-playing Nerdfighters will understand =P)

Needless to say, I didn't end up speaking in front of the mirror; though I could've used some Charisma points. =P

So, has anything like that happened to any of you? You've thought something really nerdy/stupid and were so glad that no one could hear it? =P Share!

EDIT: Alex Day (nerimon) mentioned this discussion in his new video "Google Verb". Win!

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I can't remember anything specific but there have been times when I've wanted to move something and think "Now all I have to do is click and drag...Oh, wait, crap I'm an idiot. afk dammit."
When I actually tried "fish custard" from episode one of series 5 of Doctor Who.
For anyone who wants to know... it's strangely yummy :D
Are you serious? Americans don't have custard?! It should be there in the supermarket with the yoghurts and creams!
I just used vanilla pudding. But "real" custard, no. Not unless it's made from scratch (which, though delicious, is time-consuming.) It was okay, chicken would've been better...
My sister once asked if I'd like to go out and do something (I forget what exactly it was) and I responded with a quote from V for Vendetta: "Thank you, but I would rather be taken and shot behind the chemical sheds." Of course she had not read the book so some confusing drama ensued.
i have had so many stupid and funny moments that it is hard to keep up with them all. on thing happened before a girl scout meeting about a year and a half ago. for awhile now, there have only been 3 girls in my troop and i was hanging out with one of the girls while waiting for the other one. we were playing war and i laid down a jack when she laid down a seven. she wasn't paying attention and tried to pick them up. i said "hey your trying to jack my Jack!" we laughed about it and went on. a few minutes later we both laid down a Jack. so, naturally, i yelled,"Hey, look, it's a Jack Off!" to this day the other girl says that the funniest thing about the situation was not that we were at her moms place of business waiting for a girl scout meeting to start or even what i said. she says the best part was the look on my face when i realize what i had just said. so yeah, there's one stupid moment in my life... :)
I've been playing the Sims pretty frequently, so when, on a walk today, my friend said, "Oh, look, butterflies!" my first thought was to catch them and see how much they would sell for.
I get these weird thoughts that come to me as I'm falling asleep - I've taken to keeping a sheet of paper by my bed to write them down. A geeky sampling:
"What time zone do they use in space?"
"When people do that thing where they wear a velcro suit and stick to a velcro wall, do the people wear the hooks or the loops?"
They do wear the loops. I've actually seen people wear velcro bodysuits while jumping on a trampoline so they stick to a wall made of velcro. And yes, it is as awesome as it sounds.
I'd like to thumbs up this :D
I have this theroy of time travel that is pure overthinking.
You go back in time to fix a problem and ocme back.
Then that problem never existed so you didn't make the time machine or buy one to fix the problem.
I call this 'The Loop'.
I don't think that's overthinking it at all. That's the biggest flaw in time travel ever. That's my biggest issue with it anyway.
It also makes sence that if you go back in time, when you go back to the future, there would now be multiple futures. The one you came from, and the one following the time you just went back to. Which do you return to? when you go back, are there multiple you's or do you take the place of yourself in the past? What if you haven't been born yet?

All in all, time travel is completely messed up. Going into the future makes more sence, but even that has it's risks. For the sake of entertainment, hollywood time travel is acceptable; but I vote we all just continue to travel through time at the normal rate. 1 second per second.


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