hey im not sure when or where in manchester but i know that i want to be part of a nedfighter gathering, if you live in the manchester area leave a comment suggesting a good place to hold this gathering and when you would like to do this 

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I live around there... I don't want to organise it, just thought I'd say that if one is organised I would like to attend :)
yeah you dont have to organise it ill take care of that i just need as many people as possioble so its as awesome as possible
i was thinking piccadily gardens as its close to the trains and easy to find
Hey, i was talking about having a gathering with somebody in another thread in manchester as its easier to get from Liverpool than London where most gatherings are..
i didnt really want to organise one, but if you do id most likely be able to attend if it was around half term or something :)
Piccadilly gardens is just, easier than easy. I'd definitely attend. 10 pound return from Huddersfield :D
Piccadilly is a good place to meet, shouldn't be hard for everyone to find
I am in Liverpool so as long as it's not text Saturday then I am interested.
i'm from Sheffield i'd love to come but...well i'm only 13 and i don't really leave my house much so i get lost very easily...sorry :'(
Can't you 'persuade' your parents to bring you along? Tell them that you will meet people who you will be friends with for life and it could help with your future career as you will be 'networking' with people with contacts. While that may not be the case, parents like hearing that sort of thing.
yeah but i'm a terrible lier and my parents are like "don't meet people from the internet" and stuff......which is nice but some times it pisses me off (sorry for swearing)
tell them you're meeting some friends there that you know already my mum is only fine with it because i would go with people she knows
well i dont know my way around Manchester :/ if i did i'd go


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