You probably all heard the news that J.K. Rowling wrote her new book and it's sold to Little, Brown. It's an adult book and I think that's awesome. Because that means that it'll besomething diffrent than HP (i love hp, obviously, but I just would love to see other stuff from her}

Are you guys as exited as I am?


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I am eager to see what it's about.  I hoping that it will still be fantasy book and not like Jodi Picoult.

Yeah, I really hope the change of genre will bring out an improvement in her abilities. Children's books aren't the hugest challenge, after all. So hopefully she's really flexed her writing muscles with this new one.

ow no, children's book are very hard to write. It's very different from adult books. That's why anothony horrowitz' adult book sucked. But most adult writers aren't capable of writing a children's' book either

I'm so excited about this! I want so badly to know what it's about.
I've heard a lot of fans complaining and wishing that it had something to do with Harry Potter, but in all reality, the fact that it isn't related to HP is thrilling! I mean, she's a wonderful and powerful woman and I think that wanting more Potter, and therefore restricting her creative atmosphere to the Potter world is highly selfish of the fans. I want to know what else this brilliant mind can concoct-- I want to explore every corner of her imagination, because Lord knows she has a great one! And the fact that she's written another book at all is such a gift to her fans.

And then there's that correlation between her books and her fans. When she wrote Harry Potter, the majority of us were all children and we grew up at approximately the same pace as the books and the characters. And now we've all graduated into adulthood, I think it's fitting that she be writing and adult novel. She's still marketing to the same audience as she was before; she's still marketing to our generation. And as an author, I think that's utterly brilliant.

But I can hardly wait, my excitement for this book is quite overwhelming!

I am antsy to see in what direction she will go. I could see her maybe writing a Sherlock Holmes-esque type of story

The sad thing is people will be just waiting to tear this apart. I predict a lot of reviewers being nit picky and unwavering in their attention to detail. I am looking forward to reading the book and I hope it is up to par.

For the most part I'm just interested in fan reaction. I'm not against reading the book, I'm just not prepared for anything amazing. I would like, for her sake, for the book to be amazing though. She's spent a lot of time just with Harry Potter, it's hard to leave that. Even if she does a good job with these new books it'll be way too easy just to George Lucas the whole thing somehow with prequels or an extended universe or something.

How the fans react is going to be very interesting no matter what. I want to know if they're going to love anything she puts out because of Harry Potter, or hate everything that isn't Harry Potter. I don't believe most people will be able to write an entire Amazon review about the book though without mentioning Harry Potter and just taking her new stuff in on its own.


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