Are you completely new to Nerdfighting? Have you been watching the Vlogbrothers' videos since 1864 but have you only just decided to come meet other Nerdfighters? Were you active in my pants and have you only now decided to come over to the ning side? (god I hope you're not so new to Nerdfighting that you don't get the pants reference.... that would make me seem really weird!)

This thread is here so that you can come out and say hi, and we can say hi back! You can ask us questions about nerdfighting and awesome! You could also tell us some things that would tell us some things about you, such as

- how you feel about the colour puce;
- whether, when walking down a dark alley at night, you would rather encounter a ninja or a bowl of petunias, and why;
- what you think would happen if cows discovered quantum mechanics

...or anything else you feel like sharing!

While you're at it, why don't you go place yourself on the Nerdfightaria googlemap!


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Harry Potter reference? My friend, "a bowl of petunias" is a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference! If you haven't read it and you liked HP, I recommend it rather highly.

(I also had to google "puce"... don't feel bad)
Hai thar! I'm Jamie, and I don't feel comfortable introducing myself to people!
The whole concept of Nerdfightery is something new to me.. But. It feels like something.. I've been.. Training for. All my life. Perhaps that this is my true calling?
Erm.. Puce? No thank you. When someone says "Puce" I smell something disgusting that I associate with Puce. I just don't know what it is >.br /> Bowl of petunias. Ninjas are completely afraid of a well-arranged bowl of petunias.
Cows and Quantum Mechanics? Hmm.. In my opinion.. They'd discover that the grass IS greener on the other side. (Has anyone made that joke yet..? O.o)

Anyway. Hai guize! Nice to see ya' all, and I'll be kicking about here somewhere.. Under the furniture, or lurking in a cupboard. Say hi!

Well, hi there. I'm relatively new to Nerdfighting, my friend suggested I watch vlogbrothers because I am a large fan of John (although clearly not that big of a fan, as I hadn't heard of vlogbrothers), so I did. I watched all of the episodes up until now in an effort to get caught up, something I'm sure you can recognize as something only a Nerdfighter would do!
Puce, isn't that like a pinkish-purple? I'm sure it's quite pretty. I like colors a lot.
If I was walking down a dark alley I would much rather encounter a ninja, for two reasons. First, it would be much more exciting, and second, I could attempt to befriend the ninja so I could have someone to protect me. After all, I'm walking down a dark alley at night, I probably need some protection.
I'd like to think that if cows discovered quantum mechanics, they would use this knowledge benevolently, as cows are peaceful, fun-loving creatures, or at least, they are from my experience.
So hi. I'm new.

I was introduced to Nerdfighters through Maureen Johnson's blog. And then from there to the videos. Over the summer I read "An Abundance of Katherines" and "Looking for Alaska" by John Green. Then John Green replied to my tweet which forever endeared him to my heart. Then after finishing the books I watched more vlogbrothers vids and realized I'd been missing out and watched even more vids and then found this place...

So I had along and complicated journey to Nerdfighters, but am thrilled to be here.

And to answer the above questions
Puce is weird
Bowl of petunias because I would be the ninja in the dark alley.
And I don't even ponder the last question cause it would never happen. :-D
Greetings all. I'm a Science and Gamer nerd.

1.I am Ambivilent
2.Petunias, despite things being different for sky pirates, our peace with the ninjas is tenuous
3.quantum entangled milk killing millions
Doh, stupid phonetic spelling kills my Grammar Nazi cred again. *facepalm*
Hello there Nerdfighteria, I've been a devoted Nerdfighter-in-secret since I discovered Brotherhood 2.0 in February of this year. I personally think I'm caught up with most of the memes and inside jokes, but forgive me if I miss any.
Hi everyone. My name is Khanh, this is what I like to do:

-Puce, looks like purple and pink had a lovechild.
-Petunias, chances are they wouldn't kill me. (But you never know.)
-Then cows would be able to graze in multiple dimensions.
Those drawings are pretty interesting :D

I like the style.
19 year old nerdfighter from San Antonio Texas . Been on Youtube for awhile now but only now have i decided to participate in the ning.
- how you feel about the colour puce;
Nothing against it.
- whether, when walking down a dark alley at night, you would rather encounter a ninja or a bowl of petunias, and why;
A bowl of petunias b/c i do not wish to end my life against a ninja.
- what you think would happen if cows discovered quantum mechanics
We would need to eat them faster then.
I first picked up John Green's Looking for Alaska back in 2007 and absolutely fell in love with it. It's been one of my favorite books ever. I read An Abundance of Katherines and Papertowns as they came out, but never really got around to checking the websites of video blogs until this summer. I've been watching the videos from the very beginning and right now I'm still halfway through it. I love this whole Nerdfighting community and all the ideas they put out and I really really regret not checking out Brotherhood 2.0 after I'd read Looking for Alaska in 2007. But here I am now~
Salutations Nerdfighters!

I began watching the Vlogbrothers B2.0 after stumbling across "TV for Chickens" featured on the front page of Youtube. I was instantly an enormous fan and watched every video made by Hank and John in a fairly short span of time. Once finished with that, I knew it was time to Join the Ning. Initially the enormous scale of the community was a bit daunting, but I'm starting to get my feet wet and I have really enjoyed reading discussions and blogs.

I am a multidisciplinary Nerdfighter from the inland Northwest.

I feel the color Puce lacks enthusiasm and should restrict itself to wallpaper in quiet places.

Walking down a dark alley at night, I should prefer the ninja confrontation for fear the bowl of petunias transform back into a missile. The followers of ninjitsu I am acquainted with are very principled people and would never go in for random muggings, so I'm certain the ninja in the alleyway would be very polite.

If cows discovered quantum mechanics, I think they would by and large become very sad, on account of the limitations of form preventing them from acting on their new-found knowledge.

Thanks for being awesome!


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