Are you completely new to Nerdfighting? Have you been watching the Vlogbrothers' videos since 1864 but have you only just decided to come meet other Nerdfighters? Were you active in my pants and have you only now decided to come over to the ning side? (god I hope you're not so new to Nerdfighting that you don't get the pants reference.... that would make me seem really weird!)

This thread is here so that you can come out and say hi, and we can say hi back! You can ask us questions about nerdfighting and awesome! You could also tell us some things that would tell us some things about you, such as

- how you feel about the colour puce;
- whether, when walking down a dark alley at night, you would rather encounter a ninja or a bowl of petunias, and why;
- what you think would happen if cows discovered quantum mechanics

...or anything else you feel like sharing!

While you're at it, why don't you go place yourself on the Nerdfightaria googlemap!


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Hey, I'm new :)
- puce confuses me since it always looks a little different.
- A bowl on ninjas
- They probably already have, they're just waiting for the right time to use it.
HI : ] I'm Skylar. I've been watching B20 ever since it started... But I didn't even go on my pants ( I guess I forgot to be awesome ) ! I feel like a bad nerd fighter ! But now I'm here so yay... I'm nice... and I like books... and music... and awesome things... Yeah.

- Not a fan
- I would most def choose the Ninja. So we could become best friends....
- And the whole world would turn upside down and the human race would cease to exist.
Hey-o. Only started with B20 about a month ago but am firmly in love so.. hello!

1) It's puce-tastic, though falls just short of being Puce-riffic. Better luck at next year's Hue-ys, Puce!
2) If the ninja was recruiting, ninja, natch. If the petunias were subtley fragrant and free for the taking, Petunias.
3) I would feel smarter when I ate them. Uppity cows.

I used to work in the children's department of a bookstore until the bureacracy stole my soul-- now I'm training to be a government worker where they will steal my soul with benefits. My co-worker told me John Green was awesome and I doubted him and now I hang my head in shame. I have a degree in theatre. I'm Canadian. I like all but one cheese, so far. what up?
Hey, I'm Chelsea, I'm from Australia and I'm kinda new here, but loving it.

In reply to the above statements:
+ Puce is okay, but kind of the colour of angry people. Just sayin.
+ I would rather encounter a bowl of petunias in a dark alleyway because I constantly look for little gifts or expressions of niceness left by other people of the world. I like to think that if someone left a bowl of petunias in an alleyway it would be in attempt to make the discover feel nice, and thankful, rather than scared and wtf-ing (like they would if they saw ninjas)
+I'm not sure about cows, but I know when I found out about quantum mechanics my brain got kinda drunk on the sheer awesomeness of the world and all it's possibilities.

P.S. I also tend to a talk a lot when I'm tired. I'm tired now.

Peace, love and DFTBA.
I've only been here... 3 months? I found them on youtube and instantly loved them! I joined here and still feel, i dont know, new. I have no idea what 'in my pants' is. sorry. I want to be an awsome Nerdfighter like you guys!

Answers to the Questions
1. I dont realy like it; its not bright anough, i like orange better!
2. a ninja, I could ask were the ninja acadamy is.
3. The world would be taken over by cows, sadly.
Hey everyone, I'm a new nerdfighter... I wasn't exposed to the vlogbrothers until a few months ago, but didn't start watching the really until, um today. So! Here I am! I want to decrease world suck because I think it's important to increase awesome!

The color puce: It's really close between like and not like... I really don't like pink which it can sometimes be like, but I do love purple. However, I'm going to go with acceptance, because I like darker purples.
Dark alley: I would rather encounter a ninja if he or she is going to save me, but if they're going to attack, I'd much rather see a bowl of petunias. But only if it's thinking, "Oh no, not again."
Cows: Quantum mechanics is entirely lost upon me, so any cow who masters it... well, I respect that cow.

Also, my favorite book in your pants (that's on my shelf here at school) is "Evasion" in my pants. ^_^
hi! i followed hank and jhon's adventures since last year but only got to the ningmasteria today, =)
- the color made me google it cause that sounded dirty...too dark for me thanks.
- mmm a ninja or petunias...petunias make me remember one time i puke all over my mom's flowers so i'll go with the ninja, maybe he's just stopping by to get some coffee or something
- if cows ever discovered quantum mechanics then we are so doomed. maybe they'd ally with crocoaches!! conspiracY!!
Hey all!
I'm a 'sort of' new Nerdfighter - been here for about a week, made three friends, and I might have let myself in for a one man trip to Kings Cross Station next September 1st...dressed as Harry Potter. =s
I'm not a fan of puce, nor of the idea of cows possesing dangerous future technology, so I have little to say on either subject.
I will, however, tell you who I wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley at night, and they are neither a ninja or a bowl of petunias. They are he, and he is John Green.
Don't get me wrong, John is a hero of mine, but the simple fact is that he cannot be trusted with me, as he has already killed me once.

My full name is Benjamin Robert Joyner, and I'm proud to be a Nerdfighter.
I have been watching John and Hank's videos since last March/April (during which time I watched every one of their videos in a 3 day period, despite having like, 7 final papers due that week) ... and I've spent some time creeping on this site, without actually joining or commenting or anything. But here I am now!!

So... ummm.... I guess maybe this is where I should state my nerd credentials?? Ummm... I can recite pi to 20 digits, I have read each of the Harry Potter books to the point where they are mostly memorized, I read webcomics like they're going out of business, and I'm currently studying to become a high school English teacher. My goal in life: teach people how to use apostrophes correctly. Will settle for: at least teaching people that gerunds exist. (oh WHY does my favorite grammatical concept have to be so obscure???)
And finally, my biggest pet peeve: people who say "quote" when they mean "quotation" ... quote is a verb! not a noun!

... and the results are in... apparently I am an English nerd.

Let's be friends.

PS. In response to the questions, I'm not a fan of puce, I am a fan of ninjas, and while I am a fan of cows AND quantum mechanics, I'm not sure that they should be allowed in the same room together at the same time.
Hi Heather...I'd say 'welcome to the ning', but seeing as I'm the guy that was also introducing himself 10mins ago, I feel like we're both being sorted into Nerdfightaria together. =)

Make sure you check out 'Harry Potter Nerds' - its jokes. XD Oh, and I did say 'sorting' for that very reason...shotgun I'm Gryffindor.
Thanks Ben! Wait-- Ben?? Benjamin?? Benjamin.

I'll head over to Harry Potter Nerds now... but don't think I'm taking anything but Gryffindor without a fight.
Ben, Benjamin, Oi You...all the same thing in the end. =)

Hmm...boys don't pwn at dueling...Order of the Phoenix taught us that much... =s *fears the bat bogies*

Erm...second thought...I'm sure the common room is big enough for loads of Nerdfighters. XD


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