This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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Hey everyone!

My name is Dora, and I live in Western Canada.
I got into Nerdfighters because I went to a bookstore, and in one of the books I picked up was a note from another Nerdfighter. So I checked the website out on my phone, and when I got home I signed up for an account.

How am I a nerd? I love sitting in the History or Performing Arts section of the library, and reading biographies/plays for fun. I have a bunch of theme songs from 90's television shows in my iTunes library. I love learning. I'm also socially awkward, and I usually talk about things that no one else around me would understand.

I'm Merissa, I live in Texas, and I'm addicted to literature, music, and all things strange. If I remembered how I got into Nerdfighters, I would tell you, but it was one of those: I stumbled upon the stuff, walked away, and then wandered back over the course of time. I am a nerd because I am different. I am a nerd because I am unique and people don't like that.

I do believe the time has come for the Revenge of the Nerds
Hi everyone!

I'm Maryssa and I live in Kentucky. I love really random facts, particularly if they apply to the body or medicine. I'm going into a Health care field, but despite that have been trying my hardest to get a part time job at my library or bookstore because those are the only places outside of a lab that I feel at home.
I start watching John and Hank back near the end of the fall semester while I was putting off studying for my finals. But, I didn't start getting really interested in being a Nerdfighter until the spring semester started wrapping up.
I am a nerd because I have a tendency to very (as my friends say, unnecessarily) excited about stuff like Doctor Who, what I am learning about in class, or some random article. And I don't care how weird people think I am for getting excited over it. I embrace my weirdness in all it's forms.
Hey there, I'm Anna!
I like Harry Potter, Music, and I've just begun getting into comic books.
I decided i wanted to make some friends with similar interests!
Hope to hear from you!

I'm Christa, and I signed up for this site about 15 minutes ago, so I'm pretty sure that I can be categorized as new. I got introduced to nerdfighters by randomly finding a vlogbrothers video on youtube, and proceeding to watch every single one of the videos on the channel. I'm sure there are many things that make me a nerd, but the only thing that comes to mind right now is the story of the time in middle school when everyone had to keep track of how many pages they'd read during a marking period and I reached 100,00 pages, while the average was around 100 pages. That was a really long run-on sentence. Anyway, I'm really glad that I joined, and I'm looking forward to reading through the forums and meeting other nerdfighters!
Heyhihello! I'm Ella! I'm 14 years old and I'm from England! I love music basically anything that sounds good and I love you tube and the Internet! Any random, book/chocolate/icecreamloving people are welcome to add me! Extra points if you can quote harry potter or doctor who! :) :) :)
My name is Anastasia and I live in Ohio. I love anything Harry Potter (fanfic, AVPM, MuggleNet, TheLeakyCauldron, etc.), Fantasy novels, Science, and Soul Calibar!
I am a nerd because I love being myself! I currently don't have any friends (other than my penpals Alastair & Meggie) but that's just because I haven't found a Nerdfighter like myself who likes me!
Hail, Nerdfighting community!
With that alienation of all but those with the most resistance to my epic-level social fail, let's move on to an introduction.
I'm a 14-year-old Nerdfighter, and have been for a fair few months now. That's the Nerdfighter part. Not the 14-year-old part. I've been that for a few months more, and will eventually stop being one, unlike the other aspect of my intro.
I think I'm funny. One of my major failings.
I also subconsciously fish for compliments via self-deprecation sometimes.
I'm an aspiring writer, and I don't think I'm half bad. I'm no Shakespeare, but that doesn't mean I won't shamelessly steal his ideas.
I'm also a comic-book fan, in the loosest sense of the term. I don't actually buy periodical comics. I buy the occasional graphic novel and rank it among the top 3 best ways to tell a story, and I'm fascinated by the whole "Interconnected universe" thing that comic companies have going. You can't really do that with my first love, the modestly beautiful and more thoughtful Literature, hence my love affair with the curvaceous and dirty lady Comic.
I like awkward, confused metaphors. Because they're the only kind of metaphor I can do consistently well.
On top of that, I'm a gamer. I don't consider that as big a part of me as I did before I really got into the internet, but it's a part of me I cherish. Aside from a love of reading, it's the first sign of my nerdliness.
I write, too. If you have enough free time and are bored enough to want to check it out, it's here.
So, that's me in a nutshell.
Hello, there.
I found myself to be a Nerdfighter a bit after my friend showed me Hank and John's videos a little while ago. I'm 15-ish, and I live in Michigan (exciting, I know). I don't write, I don't sing, I don't dance, I play no instrument, I don't have much that makes me different, but I don't find myself boring at all.
I tried to read the HP series when I was in second grade, but couldn't get past the first page, so I quit. Feeling like a poser for so long, I just picked up Sorcerer's Stone yesterday, and I plan on reading it all before the first half of Deathly Hallows comes out in theatres.
I don't watch Doctor Who, even though its apparently the greatest thing to come out since the toaster. I just don't find myself getting into it.
I plan on starting a youtube series soon about the Slender Man, but thats about it for my summer plans and youtubage.
I love Mountain Dew.
That is all.
Hey, I'm Sam. I'm originally from California, but currently in Nashville (specifically, Spring Hill, TN).
I found Nerdfighteria through John Green's books, Looking for Alaska being the one that sealed the deal.

What makes me a nerd?
I am obviously a book-nerd type.
I'd rather be intelligent than be stupid, I'd rather be thoughtful than vapid, and I believe that there are things that matter more than the arrest record of Lindsay Lohan.
I am guilty of being over-enthusiastic on occasion.
I have to use correct grammar, even on the internet and over text messaging. I hate "IM speak."
I appreciate literature, art, music, and deep conversations.
I'm sure there are many other things I could add to this list, but frankly, I don't feel like typing it all out.
I agree that chatspeak should be slaugtered :D, and yet I use far to many smileys, probably hypocritical of me. Hi Sam, I am Alex and I think you will find many over-enthusiastic people on here, including myself. I hope you enjoy using the ning, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
A "boom worm", eh? Jokes.
Who's your favourite Doctor?


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