This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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'It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." in pretty script on my side. :)
cool, what is the tattoo of?
see above!
My name is Rebecca I stumbled upon the vlogbrothers on YouTube one day and have been hooked in this community ever since.
I would say I'm a nerd because I'm a nerd, everything I do is strange and diffrent. I get excited about life and Harry potter and math
Hello! I am Val, new nerdfighter. New as in surfing-Youtube-over-Thanksgiving-break-and-discovering-a-giraffe-sex-video-and-then-watching-other-vlogbrother-videos new. I tend to abuse commas and hyphens, and I apologize for that. I enjoy theatre in the watching sense, not the acting. Showtunes are pretty amazing, John's books are also amazing. Tigers are cool. Fictional characters live inside my head. I enjoy anime, manga, and Doctor Who as well.

Not new but it's been two years or something that I kind of just forgot how awesome this site was, so I'm back.
And I don't know anyone on here anymore :(

Hi, I'm Alda, from Iceland. I love traveling and studying languages and I want to live in oh many different countries. I love drawing, reading and writing (nanowrimo 2010 winner, btw!).

Hello there, hows everyone doing?

I'm new so, hello again *waves at people*
*Waves back*

I'm new here as well. So hi!! :) How are you??
Hi, I'm Katie. I live in Alabama.
I honestly don't remember how I came across John and Hank's videos, but I can guess that I was just bored and stumbled upon one of the videos. I've been watching since early 2008.
I guess what makes me a nerd is my love for reading. I learned how to read before most of my friends and was always known throughout school to have my nose in a book during downtime at school or home. I love Harry Potter and have reread the books several times. My feelings towards those books are probably the nerdiest ones I have, since I get pretty riled up when people start arguing about them, haha.
I enjoy other stuff too though! Being outside doing things like hiking and swimming are among my favorites :)
If you wanna know more, just ask!
which of the harry potter book is your favorite? who's your favorite character? what did you think of deathly hallows part 1? sorry that was my nerdiness showing, i just am really excited to be able to talk to people about these books.
My names Tony...or ynoT (pronounced why not). I found out about Nerdfighting when I stumbled upon Hank's Accio Deathly Hallow's song, since then I have been watching every video in order starting with their first in January 2007.
Hi, haha *feels weird*

I'm Emma. I live/am from London. I've been watching the John and Hanks videos for a while, since late 2008, but I only just took the initiative and joined :)

What makes me a nerd? I don't really know; its a label if anything! Although I must say I have read the Harry Potter books one too many times not to be considered nerdy. My loves include reading, photography and debating. I have a compulsive need to stay on top of current affairs though if I'm honest, I don't know to what extent I do this successfully. My favourite school subjects are Physics and Chemistry.

I don't know what else to say!

Hi again :)


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