This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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i know, right


welcome Carissa.  are you new to Nerdfighteria, or just to the site?

both.  I have been watching the videos for a few weeks, but for some reason have never bothered to check out website.  Weird, but i don't like to do things the easy way.

i'd been through the whole archive of videos, and been subscribed for a while before signing up too.  not totally sure why either. 

Hi everybody *waves excitedly

My name is Hannah and I'm living in Germany (so please excuse my poor English^^)

How I ended up here: I searched for video reviews of english books, to improve my language skills by watching the videos and perhaps reading some of the books... there was this girl talking about "Paper Towns", it sounded interesting, so I wrote in on my book wishlist and moved on... and then I found this funny looking guy reading Twilight *lol That was the start - I got to know a lot of awesome youtube channels, got my own account and one day someone talked about the project for awesome. I wanted to know more and found the vlogbrothers channel... and now the circle is closing, because watching some of the videos I realised that one of them is the author of "Paper Towns". That wasn't just a coincidence, that was predestinated;-) From there it was just a little step until I fell in love with the nerdfighter community!

What makes me a nerd: Well, I own this lovely blue puppy sized elephant since I was 6...

As a grown-up, it has become much easier, but as a child and teenager it was somewhat challenging to have hobbies like playing in an orchestra, ballet dancing and extensive reading. Is there anything more uncool than visiting a museum, reading Shakespeare in class, listening to Mozart and actually enjoying it? And I liked going to school, doing my homework, learning new things- could it get worse?

Today I like being smart (not as clever as Hermione, but improving) I read books, I collect them, I love them and sometimes I'm going crazy about them. I think libraries are fascinating and I'm spending hours in the children's department of a book store just looking around. People are still irritated, when they find Harry Potter audio books all over my place or want to know my favourite classic novel (which is Pride & Prejudice by the way) and have to listen to a lecture about emancipation in Jane Austen's novels. Sometimes I can't help myself;-)

Yep, I think that's enough for a first impression (I can be a chatterbox, as you may have realized already), best wishes, Hannah

Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I'm fairly new to being a nerdfighter, but I think I've always been a nerdfighter even though I've only recently been introduced to the community.  I became aware of the nerdfighter community thanks to watching Alex Day and Charlie McDonnell's videos (and how I discovered them came in a roundabout way of FINALLY reading the Harry Potter books, moving threw wrock videos on YouTube and then stumbling on them).  I officially decided I was a nerdfighter after I read Paper Towns in December. 

A little about me, I'm 26 years old, I've been married for almost 4 years to a man who is on the verge of becoming an admitted nerdfighter, and we just recently moved from Iowa to Florida so that he could work as a high school Latin teacher.  I have a degree in History, but work with special needs kids.  :)  I look forward to getting to know more nerdfighters :)

welcome to the ning Stephanie!  what part of IA are you from?

We lived in the Ames area (Nevada to be specific) but my husband grew up in Ankeny :)  (I grew up in California)

o...nifty.  i have a college friend from Nevada.  so what brought you to Iowa, in the first place/you two together? ...if the faceless forum user isn't getting way too personal, right off the bat.

I was brought to Iowa because Iowa State offered me a full scholarship, so how could I turn that down?  I met my husband my first semester (which is a long, cute story), and so I just stuck around until his job forced us to move out of our comfort zone.  And it's cool faceless user, I'm a bit of an oversharer, so it's all good, I don't mind answering questions and getting to know a fellow nerdfighter :)  Where in Iowa are you (I'm assuming you're in Iowa, if not, where are you?)


yep.  i grew up in southeast Iowa, we moved to Clinton while i was in High School.

Cool! Someone I worked with in Nevada grew up in Clinton.

heh.  small state.


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