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is an undertaking.

So, uh, my friend told me about this...about a year ago, so yay procrastination?

I'm Tracy, and I live in Orlando. (Paper Towns was a fun read) (also if you have any questions about Harry Potter's Wizarding World please feel free to ask... I go there a lot since I live close by)

As I said a friend, well, someone I met in a line for a college sponsored screening of Beauty and the Beast, told me about this, which I thought, 'Hey, sounds kinda cool', and then promptly forgot about it. Then I started to get into Doctor Who, which lead me to Chameleon Circuit, which lead me to charlieissocoollike and alexday, which lead me to vlogbrothers, and you get the picture. 

SO.... I like Doctor Who, am trying to get a hold of Classic since I haven't watched them yet, have read Harry Potter both backwards and forwards, (literally, 1-7 then 7-1, and then by favorite and so on and so forth...last known record before I lost count was ten times), love music and am a musical geek, love art history and weird facts about it, recently gotten attached to Sherlock and Cabin Pressure, ( I like me some Cumberbatch), and I am trying to get back into a habit I have abandoned which was making comics in my spare time.  


i want to go to there.

seriously, welcome to the ning Tracy!

Dude. It's so cool. 


swhat i do.  :D  how are you liking the site so far?

Hi! I'm Lillie. Well, I live in England in the North East, near Yorkshire. I've recently got into the whole Vlogbrothers thing, and LOVING IT. I started with the newer stuff, then trawled through the rest. Still haven't watched them all though. 

I'm re-reading The Hobbit, and Lord of the Rings, and trying to acquire the DVDs at a reasonable price. -.- 

I love the Hunger Games. I'm with the bakers! District 12 and so forth. 

Harry Potter. Harry Potter. So much this. I adore with it all my being. Seriously, the highlight of my year last year was getting a Ravenclaw scarf for Christmas. Yeah...

I have a tumblr. That's it. 

Doctor Who, I love. David Tennant was my Doctor, so much <3 I actually nearly die whenever I catch a Tennant episode. 

There's the surface of my nerdiness. Nice to meet everybody and to join this awesome community. :D

welcome!  thanks for reminding me yet again how slow my progress is in tracking down a copy of Hunger Games

other than that (and the fact i'm not sure which house i'd be in) i can see our interests line up pretty well...along with a lot of other nerdfighters, so you should get along well.

i know i'm one to talk, but try not to let them completely take over.  still, most obsessions and addictions, as Hank sort of pointed out recently, don't really lead to much.  this one leads to inclusion in our awesome community and a less sucky world.

anyway.  welcome Catherine.

sall good.

music is amazing.

Hello, Nerdfighters! (= Greetings from Russia! 

I am so glad that I finally have opened this website. There are so many awesome intelligent great people who are interested in the same nerdy things I am! It's just so amazing I can't believe it.

One day last year one of my internet friends posted a picture with a red headed guy. And I asked who is this owner of such a bright smile. That's how I started to watch charlieissocoollike, and then other youtube videos, and then other vlogs, and eventually Vlogbrothers when my English became good enough to understand at least in generally what are they talking about so quickly. Honestly, I don't understand every word even now, after months, but anyway.. progress is undeniable. [But I hope you will excuse my mistakes, remembering that English isn't my language.]

I am a sincere fan of Doctor Who new series since 2009. And was growing up with Harry Potter books. And I love British films, shows and radio stations. It's enough to be a Nerd here, where I live. Add to this passion for photography, painting, making videos (starting with home ones), snowboarding, postcrossing, indie-folc-rock-strange music, anime and manga-comics, science fiction and fantasy books, blogging, magic (not HP), tarot and runes.. and this all will be about me. But not all.

So I wonder, if this is the place where I can find people of my kind? I have a strong feeling that it is. (= So Hello!

P.S. By the way, my name is Anita or Anja, but in the web I am Simoroshka. I am 24 already, but feel myself around 16 most of the time. (=

i can see how Hank especially, and John on question days, are pretty hard to understand for someone who hasn't spoken a lot of English regularly for a number of years.  still, glad you can follow enough of their vlogs to enjoy them.  and welcome!  i can't say for certain that you'll find someone here who shares all of your interests, but i'm sure you'll find many with a lot of them, particularly Doctor Who, Harry Potter and blogging.

Hi nerdfighteria! I'm Heather, I'm 17, and live in New England.

I have been following John and Hank since 2009 but I decided today to join the ning because I don't have friends who appreciate the same things I and all of you do. Most of my friends get pretty annoyed when I nerd out about a book I'm reading or a recent epsiode of Doctor Who and I thought that would be much more appreciated here and I won't be judged for it. Also, most of my school consists of people who want to be the cast of Jersey Shore which is why I need a place like this (an tumblr of course.)

Obviously, I am a book worm nerd and I'm kind of shy. I love tacky hats, and getting excited over strange things like green pasta. I think chemistry puns are hilarious and if books were food I would be extremely fat. I play the viola because violas are wicked cool and I am making my prom date wear a bow tie becuase bow ties are totally jokes. Also, I think I'm in love with a gay man because he loves it when I geek out about the relationship between Sherlock and Watson.

so anyway, hello!


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