This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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I actually introduced myself downthread ... but I made a video that does a better job.

pretty cool.  sounds like a really cool place to work...and you have space geese, so, awesome.  :)

Hi, I'm Ben. I'm 19, and from Near Chicago. I like jazz, books and physics (especially the brain-melting kind), and lots of other stuff. But not gross stuff! I mean it guys!

welcome to the ning fellow midwestern Nerdfighter!  how near are we talking?

Close enough to where a lot of my friends commute to the city, I think the Metra ride is a little over an hour, but I've never timed it.

fun stuff.  not commuting yourself?

Okay then.

I'm Melissa and I'm a sophomore in high school.

I live in New Jersey and I first heard about the nerdfighters when a friend showed me Hank and John's videos back in 2010. I used to have an old nerdfighters account but after my decrease in internet use over the past year I decided it would be best to start on a blank page and get back into the community. 

I guess some personal interests include manga/anime, reading just about anything (love the Hunger Games and Lord of the Rings :P), RPGs, swimming, British TV shows such as Sherlock and Doctor Who, knitting, animals, drawing, playing the piano, and some other things here and there. 

Lately I've been taking many interests in helping communities in need as well and volunteering my time for the sake of others. 

I hope I can jump back into nerdfighteria and be a part of this wonderful community. ^-^

welcome back Melissa

I should do the introduction thinger.  I'm not very good at this bit, so bear with me!

I'm Sara, and I've been an activist against homelessness and world suffering for years.  I've helped organize petitions ad marches, and helped fund homeless shelters in my area for the last seven of those years, providing beds for 137 homeless people in not so major cities in the UK.  Having lived in the smaller cities all my life, I've seen the suffering that walks the streets every day because people are focused much more on bigger places.  So I work to put in my bit for the community, even turning my own home into a shelter.  In the last three years I've personally helped put 22 people of different ages and needs into their own housing, employment, rehabs and/or education.  I know from experience that it only takes one person to stand up to help make a difference in this world.

I stumbled on John and Hank at the end of last year, while I was doing some research on world hunger.  But only just decided to join the ning today, after watching the Kony2012 video.  I make a difference with a little group, hopefully I can continue helping make a difference with a larger group as well.

wow.  someone didn't forget to be awesome.

welcome to the ning Sara

Hello everyone!

My name is Ben, I'm a Matheatre (interested in both Math and Theatre) Third Gender (don't feel like I fit into the main two) Unitarian Universalist (spiritual community for atheists)

I'm love Doctor Who, Pajama Sam, Climbing Trees, and Hugs.

I found nerdfighters through seeing a few vlogbrothers videos through bestofyoutube and got hooked.

I'm a nerd because I love Math, Doctor Who, Dancing with reckless abandon, and intellectual discussions.

I am currently in London UK studying abroad, and looking for some friendly, nerd fighters people who may or may not be in the area.

I hope everyone is lovely.

Live, Laugh, Love,


welcome to the ning Ben!  where are you from then, if you're studying in the UK?


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