This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

On behalf of all the ningmasters we welcome you to the site! Check out the general information page and FAQ page if you have questions or message a ningmaster.

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Hey Andrew, and welcome to the Ning!

So, how did you find out about the Nerdfighter community? :)

And also, Don't forget to be awesome while you're here! :D

I knew about vlogbrothers for a while, but I decided to watch all of their videos a week ago, a journey which will take me at least 48 hours straight to do (of course I'm not doing it straight). And from there it was inevitable that I would want to find so many awesome people! :)

welcome Andrew!  i can see where you're coming from on feeling slightly let down by not learning about the community sooner, but it's awesome having you here now...says the guy who's only been here a year...

Hi, I'm Emma! I'm still a bit new to the nerdfighteria, since I only just discovered the videos last month. I saw some gif sets of John Green around Tumblr and thought 'who is that person who is giving out all this advice that I wish I'd had when I was younger?!' A quick search led me to YouTube and the vlogbrothers videos, which I keep watching more and more of, and... well, here I am.

I'm usually quiet, always introverted and I love reading. I usually tend to read fantasy and horror but if a plot intrigues me enough, I'll read anything. The last book I finished reading was Frankenstein and I'm currently working my way through The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allen Poe and The Story of King Aurthur and His Knights (at least, at my current location. I have more in my bedroom. Too many. I have been forbidden from opening any new books until I finish some of my 'currently reading' pile. I'm also banned from buying more, which is why I will not be telling anyone I just ordered three new ones from oops....). I'm actually working on my own novel at the moment (well, procrastinating over working on it) and hope to get it published someday, one way or another.

Hey Emma, and welcome to the Ning! :D

Hope you enjoy the community :)

And remember, DFTBA!

heheheh  i think a number of us can relate to the expanding library/reading list.  also, you have an awesome name.

Hi there, my name's Emily and I hail from the small town of Bethel, Connecticut. I enjoy many nerdy past-times including books, British television, ukuleles, tea, pianos, and cooking! I'm going to keep this short but I spent a good chunk of today watching John and Hank's videos and I'm extremely pleased to have stumbled upon what seems to be a glorious, friendly community of like-minded people. :) 

Hello Emily, and welcome to the Ning! :D

So, how did you discover Nerdfighteria? :)

And always, DFTBA!

not to put words in Emily's mouth but it sounds like she discovered the community through the Greens...possibly today...


if i'm right, Emily, (and you don't mind us bombarding you with questions) how did you find them?  and did you start with their vlogbrothers videos as per usual, or crashcourse/scishow maybe?

Hello Varina, and welcome to the Ning! :D

I'm sure you'll be right at home here in Nerdfighteria :)

As always, DFTBA!

i was totally thinking about Lilo and Stitch just the other day :D 

anyway, welcome to the ning!  out of curiousity, did you have a favorite 'classic' work from school?

Hello Nerdfighters! If you're wondering what it takes to be a nerdfighter then you should check out this twitter: Username: Nerdfighter? tag: nerdfighterif
It's a new twitter ran by...well...nerdfighters! So help us get going and follow us!


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