This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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I am new. 

Hello introductory thread!


Not a new nerdfighter...just a new 

So...I'll be a college freshman at Western Washington University this fall, planning to double major in Environmental Science (emphasis in Marine Ecology) and Photography.

I like reading and being eco-smart/friendly and taking pictures and drinking tea and being mistaken for someone older than I am despite being determined to deny that I will be any older than seventeen for the rest of my life.

I am determined to marry someone who plays a brass instrument, has freckles, wears glasses, and can swing dance.

Ghosts don't exist, but aliens do, and so do the monsters under my bed.

My mother wishes I were less straight-edge. :D

are nerds really ever straight-edge?  or are we just too nerdy to enjoy some things?

...anyway, welcome to the ning region of nerdfighteria Kady.

I question that first bit. Are we ever straight edge you ask? Uhm...:P

Thank you, Danno!


I like not liking not-straight-edgey things.

Lord of the Rings! Just getting starting the Return of the King, finally. And I'm looking up other things by Tolkein and other authors about Middle-Earth!

welcome Helen!

ok, lets see if i can articulate my point better tonight...  i wasn't coming down on you Kady or anyone for their taste...but that's the thing, my understanding of straight-edge is that it requires a level of intentionality...that one who would love to 'get thrashed' commits not to.  while, you yourself said you don't like such are you really choosing to avoid them?

It's a little of both, maybe. I choose to avoid them because I don't like them...but my understanding of straight-edge was always one who isn't into such things, not one who intentionally avoids them despite the want.



anyway, not about to speak ill of those who do enjoy such activities...but i'd say you're about a million times more jokes for avoiding them, whatever their level of appeal to you.

Ah! Jokes, then.

I love a place where people say that.

Whoa whoa....anyone who would prefer to live in the early 1900s CANNOT describe themselves as "pretty boring" ; ) And last time I checked there weren't a lot of gypsies running about.


Welcome! ....loved the intro *nodding*.

welcome and seconded, i mean, anyone who randomly (and inadvertently) gives me bands to check out is pretty darn intersting.

Add me as a friend and talk to me on my page if you wish, but don't be one of those creepers with NO info about themselves who says "I saw your page and became interested in you. Email me." NO! I will talk to you on here first and if I like you and we become friends THEN I'll email you! <3 :D  BTW Horrible Fiction is amazing.
Ugh, tell me about it. You'd think they'd be able to implement some more powerful spam-bot/creeper protection. My profile is as private as you can make it and I still get friend requests from people trying to get me to click their links and buy fake drugs and junk =P


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