This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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Hi, I'm Colleen and I live in the middle of a bunch of corn (for now).


Two weeks ago I started watching Brotherhood 2.0 and I'm around September 28th now. These videos make me laugh, cringe and generally they are helping me remain sane while I'm writing my biomathematics master's thesis. I love foreign languages, statistics, cupcakes, colors, science fiction, industrial music and going on adventures!


I recently made a poster entitled "Dinosaurs Are Awesome" and I put it along side my real research poster at my school's Graduate Research Symposium. It contained facts about preparing your home for a velociraptor attack, how pterosaurs are not actually dinosaurs and a poll on people's favorite dinosaurs. It was a hit :)


I now have a full-fledged Dinosaur Survey of Epic Win that I will hopefully be posting in the forum sometime soon. It asks about things like your age, favorite color and area of study in addition to asking about your favorite dinosaur. I hope everyone will consider taking about 2 minutes to complete it :) I'm so glad I found the vlogbrothers! Nerdfighters FTW!!

welcome Cathrine and Colleen

YEAH!! FRIGGIN' INTRO TIME!! TIME TO BE COOL AND HIP AND....that failed. I was attempting to emulate the unforced optimism of an American, such as the wonderful Luke Conard, and died on my arse like a bitch. Anyway, I'm James. I'm new here. I joined after subscribing to the Vlogbrothers channel because I was An Bored. I like anything interesting, but to specify, good books, films, videogames. It's actually really frelling hard to list all the stuff that I'm into, purely because once you've placed it into a post it becomes "This Is What I Am, And All I Shall Ever Be". I can tell you that I'm currently loving Farscape, enjoyed Battlestar Galactica, and am re-reading Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (which is a prime example of how books don't need to be all about plot, in that, yes, there's a whole story going on there, but it's the details that are fascinating, not the overarching storyline. There's a bit towards the beginning when Harry's lying in bed at the Quidditch World Cup and can see the occasional glow of a leprechaun lantern flying overhead through the tent's fabric, which is just wonderful in terms of communicating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, shortly of course to be torn asunder by the arrival of the Death Eaters)...

...I think about stuff a lot, that should be obvious, and I'm now off to Fable 2 the night away. Cheers for reading all of this.

hello again James.

actually, i can see where you're coming from with the idea of absolutism/permanence of introductory traits...especially when it's written/online.

Hi all,


I love introduction posts, they are like snowflakes. So many you could create a humanoid look-alike from them.


Anyways, I've recently discovered the nerdfighter community after being introduced to the Brotherhood 2.0 from a charlieissocoollike video. It's awesome and I can't stop watching the videos ^_^


I consider myself a proud nerd. Anime was the big thing for me up until about 3 years ago. While I appreciate it still (and frequent cons), I've transitioned into Doctor Who as far as obsession goes. I'm in a D&D campaign with 5 other players - only one of them being male, haha. The DM is my fiance... which is interesting because one of the girls is a witch who is training to be a succubus and she has to do the nasty in order to worship her god... so he gets to role play that with her, which is a treat and a half.


Uh, I'm also on the techological side of this... web designer/developer. I spend my free time face-deep in photoshop and dreamweaver hand coding html and css for the lolz. Also, my fiance and I are having a steampunk-themed wedding that is going to be off the 19th century hook. I cosplay and he makes chainmail jewelry and stuff. I'm a mutt - Macindows.


Yeah, and pretty easy to get along with... so say hi :)

welcome...that is an interesting game you've found yourself in...i haven't been in on any 4th...if the succubus thing is typical, not really sure i'm sad about it, but that's me.
Well, specifically we are playing Pathfinder. Not sure which book it's described in... I'm a changeling psion, so we're all over the place, haha.
a little bit.  maybe i'm a purist having started on 2nd ed, maybe i'm jealous because my first gaming group had plans for what i'd dubbed our rule breaker campaign with a whole bunch of 'freaks' never actually got off the ground, or because it would have been so outrageous all those years ago, but would have just been another adventuring party these days.  whatever the case, i don't mean to harp on something you love, but it just no longer feels like it's for me.
I don't feel you are harping at all, I'm very new to it and while I enjoy it - I still don't know much about it. So I enjoy hearing the experiences of others. I'm sorry the abstract has become mundane in your experiences.
o, good.  cause i really had to fight not to call it MUNCHKIN before.  and sure the point is to be heroic (usually) as well as abstract and maybe even over the top, because it's a world you're creating (with blueprints) so i'm glad you enjoy it, and can, i guess, rationalize the trend.  but yeah.  thanks though.  just means i have to imagine other things and socialize somewhere other than the gaming table.
Well, you seem to have a pretty good social thing going on here, so that's a start :)

Hello, I'm new! 


I found my way here via NaNoWriMo last November, but I'd actually watched Maureen Johnson's Dare to Suck video long before that. I just didn't know what it was part of.

I'm a writer. I've written five novels, and I'm currently rewriting no. 4 from scratch in the hope that it will be good enough to be published one day.I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo as a rebel.


I'm a nerd because...

...I have a degree in linguistics and cultural anthropology but only use that knowledge to make conlangs and fantasy cultures.

...I can't leave the house without a notebook and a pen.

...I prefer book shopping to shoe shopping.

...I baked cauldron cakes and decorated my kitchen for the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Even though I only had one friend come over.

...I've written poetry in Sindarin and made my own bow and arrows (once upon a time).

...I own at least thirty-five dictionaries.


Glad to be here! :-)



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