This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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one is glad to be of service...and i can totally relate to the neverending reading list.  awesome, but annoying at the same time.

And it never gets any shorter. *groans* And the worst is when I get bored with my reading list and head for a bookshop and try to search for something else to read.
bored with the reading list...what like you feel more like you 'should' be reading the next book rather than really wanting to? 
Mostly the problem is when I have books at home that I've already bought and want to read in the future, but then I am too distracted or am in the mood to read something else. So the piles and piles of books have just been growing. If that makes any sense. XD
yeah, i get that.

Hey all nerdfighteria, New to the forums but been following the vlogbrothers for a little while now.  Just sprained my ankle at work so had to have the rest of the day off which sucks, so thought I would say hello all.


I'm Chris, I'm studying animal behavior and welfare so know far to much about animal sex.  I want to specialise in raptor conservation so recently completed a placement at the International Centre for Birds of Prey  I read quite a bit and love fantasy and sci-fi but read pretty much anything, The fault in our stars being on pre-order.  I'm also a big gamer (Cards, board, table top wargames, pen and paper, text based role play, computer and console games).  I also paint and draw my fantasy creations. 


Anyway, that's me in a very brief way.  Any ideas for my surprise day off considering I am now finding it difficult to stand without pain?

welcome Chris.  get well soon.  in the meantime, you could check out some other nerdfighters on the tubes if you can't find fresh conversations on here. 


I am Sue. I am an artist/ writer from Scotland.

I've been a watcher of Vlogbrothers for a few years now, and for some odd reason it is only now I have actually got round to checking this place out.
I know I'm a little late to the party, and I probably shouldn't admit I lurked before I joined. *cough*


What makes me a nerd?

My ability to feel the need to remember the most trivial things ever. Like, take Disney's The Lion King, for example. I could tell you so much stuff about the background of character's, changes Disney made and why, and basically, I know a lot of things a 27 year old really shouldn't bother about. But I do, and have always been that obsessive person about things I like. I won't stop, until I feel I know absolutely everything about a particular subject.

'Did you know...', has become a bit of a personal trademark, and I tell people facts all the time. I don't know why. I think it's because I assume that if I find something interesting, so will everyone else. Unfortunately this is never the case.


actually, admitting you lurked went a long way to showing your nerdfighterian character...i'd say.  anyway, welcome Sue.  i also find myself going, 'do they even care? ...why don't they care? this is fascinating stuff!'


I know, I get really annoyed that people don't get as excited about things I am interested in. I get so frustrated. -.- And thank you for the warm welcome :)


What do you know about Tangled?

I heard they made a lot of changes, adding more action and even changing the title to something besides the princess' name so as to attract more male viewers.

I've been trying to find out what the original plans for the story and characters were...

I know that it was supposed to be called Rapunzel, and the title and the role of Flynn Ryder  was change because Princess & The Frog kind of bombed, and Disney thought it was because it was too girly. Flynn Ryder was supposed to originally fail in getting anywhere near Rapunzel, and actually falls in cahoots with the 'mother'. So Rapunzel escapes herself, and Flynn Ryder was there to drive her back to her 'mother'. 

But apart from being way too dark, Disney dropped the storyline after it felt there wasn't much interest for boys. So, he ends up being a bit of a lovable rogue, supposed to be based on Aladdin from the Disney adaptation. As that is one of the few 'Princess' movies that boys really liked. So a lot of the ideas put in Tangled, were rejections from Aladdin.



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