This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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Hi! I just made this like 10 minutes ago so i am quite new! I just kept hearing about nerdfighters and i wanted to know what it was all about, so here i am! 

What makes me a nerd?

I suppose it could be a bit to the fact that basically all i do is lay in my backyard and read. 

But i dont really know, i hate saying things out loud (or i guess since im online, i mean typing) because it makes things so official. So if you want to message me, or somehow befriend me, or however it's said, Im pretty confused, so i could definitely use all the help i can get! 

welcome Naalie!  think we'll all forgive the awkwardness.  not like many of us have all that much room to talk.
Hey! I'm Lindsay, a preteen. I am a Harry Potter nerd above all. I found the Vlogbrothers after the project for awesome, which all the youtubers linked their videos for the project. I had watched a ton of Nerdfighters without realizing it, like Wheezy Waiter and Mr. Coollike :). I became attracted to this nerdy land of awesome and soon introduced my nerdy twin sister to Nerdfighteria. I also am beginning to watch Doctor Who, and have a thing for science and social studies in school!
welcome Lindsay (and your sister if she's around)

I'm a nerd because I like things, of course. ;) Actually, it all began with a book recommendation from my best friend. In October of 2008, I'd exhausted my love for David Leviathan and Sarah Dessen. At that point I'd been reading Harry Potter for seven years (it's ten now; exactly half my lifetime and I'm freaking out about it being "over").

Completely by chance, our library had a copy of Paper Towns donated by a student. Bestie was the first to check it out, and then I read it after I pried it from her grasp. In Margo Roth Spiegelman, I found a character unlike any I'd come across before: one who was a reflection of myself, and despite her enigmatic stoicism seemed very relatable. She became a projection of myself, and "finding" her was like finally coming home after a long vacation.

Admittedly, it's been only recently that I've started investigating the Vlogbrothers and Nerdfighteria, but I'm more comfortable identifying with quirkiness and a love of literature than I am with any other labels I've adopted over the years (as an anthropologist in the making, I quite like labels). So, that's my long-winded introduction. I hope some of you will take me under your wing. c:

p.s. I have Tumblr linked on my page if you'd care to investigate.

welcome Devin.  that is a detailed introduction  thanks.

hey Carly.  i feel your pain on the age vs appearance issue.  might come in handy for you down the line though.

as for the school/Pancreatitis issue, i'm very sorry.  although, class schedules at college and (in the case of smaller schools) professor's schedules can make things a lot more manageable.  in the mean time, don't forget to be awesome!

I'm new, My name is Emily and I just recently started watching the Vlogbrothers, I thought I'd join the Ning. (:


I enjoy harry Potter, reading, writing, etc. Horses are my passion, and that's about it!

welcome Emily!
you're welcome! seen much of the site?  don't recall any groups about horses, but you should come check out Harry Potter Nerds if you haven't yet.
I haven't honestly. but thanks!


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