This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

On behalf of all the ningmasters we welcome you to the site! Check out the general information page and FAQ page if you have questions or message a ningmaster.

once this post gets too many replies it'll be closed and a new one will be created.

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i probably should speak Swedish and/or German...meh.  that is pretty jokes.
Hello :)

Hello, I have been a Nerdfighter for a while but haven't introduced myself here yet.

I'm quite shy but have built up the courage to say hi and also to join this website. Anyway I like music and play the Piano and Ukulele. I also read books, haven't got round to reading any of John Greens books but they are next on my list of things to read.

heya Lois...i think a lot of us are natually on the shy side.  yay for tricking the comfort zone.  the Fault in Our Stars will probably be the first of his books for me too.
listening to Chopin when stressed...i think you might have just won the internet Abbi!

Doctor Who. : ) The only question though... Which doctah?

And seee seee, Sherlock Holmes is a tricky phrase nowadays... There's the new movie, and the books, and the BBC series, and they're all great. But all pretty different..


Herro! I koinda like there's a place where you can just say Hiiiiii.

O  )


I'm kind of a nerdy about everything. And when I started watching vlogbrothers, I suddenly realized that Alot of people seem to appreciate this trait. So, this place seems supercool.

(And I mean literally. The cool at which it is so jokes that all molecules can no longer vibrate.)

welcome Frogzilla

Thanks! : )


you're very welcome!  how are you liking the site so far?

Hi! I just made this like 10 minutes ago so i am quite new! I just kept hearing about nerdfighters and i wanted to know what it was all about, so here i am! 

What makes me a nerd?

I suppose it could be a bit to the fact that basically all i do is lay in my backyard and read. 

But i dont really know, i hate saying things out loud (or i guess since im online, i mean typing) because it makes things so official. So if you want to message me, or somehow befriend me, or however it's said, Im pretty confused, so i could definitely use all the help i can get! 

welcome Naalie!  think we'll all forgive the awkwardness.  not like many of us have all that much room to talk.


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