This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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Welcome Alex ^_^ And yay England! *Not from England but wishes she were*

Hi, my name is Catherine, I'm twenty years old, and I am a nerd(fighter).

I like to spend as much time as possible enjoying words in one way or another.  Sometimes I do this by reading, sometimes by writing, or sometimes, if a word strikes me as funny or interesting, I will say it over and over just because I like it so much.

Attempting to list my favorite authors or books is next to impossible because this list is never static in nature.  My tastes are constantly shifting, although, I can assure you, there are certain works of "literature" that will never make it onto said list *cough*Twilight*cough*.

That being said, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter each hold a special place in my heart because I consider them instrumental in becoming the person that I am today.

A slightly abrupt transition: I also really enjoy superheroes that do a good job of expressing the awesomeness of being a nerd.  This mainly refers to Spiderman, especially the Spiderman incarnation where he fiddles around with neogenic recombinators and makes his own web fluid by mixing chemicals in a lab.  X-men also falls under this category, mostly because they are such a great analogue to any sort of downtrodden or repressed population (such as nerds).


Well I think that rambling session adequately sums up why I consider myself a nerd.  I've seen John and Hank Green's videos once in a while over the years, but it was only recently that I really got into them and began to learn about the extent of nerdfighteria.  I look forward to being a part of something so awesome.

Welcome! :3 And yay for other writing Nerds who love superheroes! ^_^ *high 4s* <----yeah, I know it says "4", my OCD won't lemme say "5" because it's not an even number X3

Hello fellow word-nerd!  It's rather nice to have you here.
word-nerds ftw!

Hello Nerdfighteria! I joined in 2009 but forgot all about it, but now I'm back in Nerdfighteria to stay! (although I never left the land of the Nerds, just forgot about the website)

I heard about Nerdfighters from listening to PotterCast, and I think that's also one of my qualifiers of being a nerd!!

the other things that make me a nerd are:

I love HP so much I fall asleep listening to the audio books every night

I love Fantasy and SciFi literature

I LOVE books! My friends will go out partying and drinking till 3 am and I will stay up till 4 am reading an awesome book!

The one and only time Ive been to a live sporting event- my sister let me have one of the coveted floor seat tickets to a Dallas Stars game- 5 mins in I was so bored I sat down, took my book out of my purse and read for the rest of the game.

Hiya and welcome back :3
welcome Catherine and gnomes.

I actually joined a few months ago, but I might as well introduce myself now.


Hello, my name is Rachel, I'm 15 years old, and I'm a nerdfighter. (Well, who isn't on this site?)

nice to meet you Rachel.

Hi :)! Well I'm Darci and will be 16 soonish :)

I was told it's good to meet fellow nerdfighters here, so uh, here I am hehe :)
I like writing but don't have the skill I'd like to, but I'll get there someday, it's a hobby and enjoyable so I guess that's what matters~
I'm a K-Pop convert from J-Pop/Manga/Anime, though I still have a lot of love for them, and all things Asian :)
I'm just getting used to this site so everything is still a bit new^^

Guess that's me done, uh bye :)!

welcome Darci!


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