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Hi :)! Well I'm Darci and will be 16 soonish :)

I was told it's good to meet fellow nerdfighters here, so uh, here I am hehe :)
I like writing but don't have the skill I'd like to, but I'll get there someday, it's a hobby and enjoyable so I guess that's what matters~
I'm a K-Pop convert from J-Pop/Manga/Anime, though I still have a lot of love for them, and all things Asian :)
I'm just getting used to this site so everything is still a bit new^^

Guess that's me done, uh bye :)!

welcome Darci!
thank you :)!
you're very welcome.  so, there's a lot you can do, as you're probably seeing...forums, groups about all sorts of nerdy interests (w/various discussion threads) blogs you can read, blogs you can post...lots for all sorts of nerdfighters.
Yeah since signing up I've just been having a look around, hope to make some nerdfighter friends :)
awesome.  there are a lot of the guy typing this message, maybe.  :D
yup, haha yeah that'd be good :)!
Welcome Darci! :3 Yay for anime Nerdfighters as well ^_^
Thanks Rini :)! You're one too? Yay hehe ^^!
Indeedy!~ Have been since I was a youngin' but back then I didn't know it was called that (yay for Sailor Moon, Card Captors and the first season of Pokemon = my childhood) Got back into it in high school and never looked back ^_^
Same for me and my Sailor Moon childhood haha :)! I have been busy lately and haven't been keeping up with the anime world in a while, but I'm still an otaku at heart hehe^^ it's good to know other people are fellow anime nerdfighters ^^!
Ah, yes, I wavered a bit in my anime obsession as well due to this weird thing people kept telling me about called "college" so that kind of got in the way of things. x3 They're re-releasing the Sailor Moon manga in the Fall, so I think I might have to make that a birthday present to myself, lol. Trying to get back into watching anime/reading manga by actually doing this odd thing called "purchasing DVDs" which is never how I watched anime before XD


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