This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

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not that i'm complaining, but what is it about nerdfighteria that attracts so many Brits?
I think its because a high percentage of the UK's population is made of awesome. :)
could be, could be.  trending or not, meeting you is (and sorry if you haven't gotten here yet) fantastically jokes.

I might be wrong... so tell me if I am, but does jokes mean cool? :P

yes and no.  yes it replaces the word cool meaning 'great/fun/funny/fantastic/nifty,' and when John Green first proposed using it, he had (jokingly) suggested it could replace it when talking about temperature, but the point from the beginning wasn't just to have an inside joke (pun intended) but to actually be subversive, to take something intended as an insult and make it awesome.  it also works well in this way for nerd(fighters) as we usually aren't cool meaning popular.

Hey nerdfighters! I was just introduced to John and Hank a month or two ago and am now watching their videos in roughly-reverse-chronological order. I'm a pretty heavily-computer/math/science-nerdy type guy, but I'm also a huge softie. I'm hoping Nerdfighteria is the place for me, but I'm fairly sure it is. If you're around Denver and have too much spare time, so do I!
I am in love with Physic. I spend most of my time finding random videos on youtube and watching sci-fi :)
So glad I have become a nerd fighter!
Well yush, I'm glad to be here. Ciao :)

My name is Austin, like the capitol of Texas, not to be confused with Austin, Indiana.
I'm a pretty new Nerdfighter; I've recently gotten into John and Hank's videos about two or three weeks ago, but believe me, I've literally been watching them nonstop. I've actually been a fan of John's books longer than I have of his videos. :)
Other than that, I'm rabid about this band called Coldplay. Anyway, feed me kiwis, iCarly, and John's books and I'll be happy for an eternity.
Looking forward to talking to each and every single one of all the wonderful, beautiful, and lovely Nerdfighters out there!
is it terrible of me that the part of your intro that stuck out most for me was 'feed me kiwis, iCarly, and John's books?'

Hi, I'm new here.


I am a political-economist and an advocate for electoral reform.


I hope to stimulate more debate on how we may tend our garden thru the use of 3-5 seat PR in "more local" elections and IRV in "lsess local" elections and ideas for revampting the Electoral college for our least local election the presidential election.  


There's a big correlation between what sort of election rules are used and what sort of political system we have and so we need to major on changing the election rules to be a better balance between single seat and PR, cuz otherwise the system tends to tilt to effective single party rule, which is why it's so hard for the two major parties to cooperate currently: Both are gunning for perm majorities...


welcome Megan
Hey everyone! My name is Louis and I have been a Nerdfighter for a few years. It is a pleasure to finally join the ning!


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