This is the official introduction post! If you're new feel free to introduce yourself here. Tell us a little about yourself like how you got introduced to nerdfighters or what makes you a nerd.

On behalf of all the ningmasters we welcome you to the site! Check out the general information page and FAQ page if you have questions or message a ningmaster.

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I'm Amber, as it says above.

My friend, Cortney, introduced me to Doctor Who, and then to Littleradge, and then to the vlogbrothers, and now I vlog myself. So, I owe a ton to my very awesome friend who has helped me find some awesome stuffs.


I love HP, and Percy Jackson... well, anything by Rick Riordan. I love vlogbrothers, and retro games. I love to read. I really love Greek mythology. I'm a history major and I plan to join the Peace Corps after I've finished college. And travelling. I love to travel. I'm very adventuresome. :)


I'm very happy to be a nerdfighter. :)

I'm Megan!(: I'm 15, and I've pretty much unknowingly been a nerdfighter my entire life. I watch a LOT of television, and I'm really involved & invested in drama & musical theater. While I'm into really "nerdy" things like psychology, and reading, I'm also into "less nerdy" things like modern dance and (guilty pleasure) beauty videos on youtube. I just started at a new school, and I don't really fit in, so I finally took the jump and made an account in hopes of finding friends I can actually hold conversations with.(:

Hey everyone!

My name is Bailey, I'm from Atlanta GA, and I'm a student at SPSU. I discovered the vlogbrothers while doing research on the French revolution. I fell in love with their message and John's books and Hank's songs. I've never been on any kind of social networking site before, so this should be interesting. (though I think the crowd that hangs around here will be more open minded then the average facebook wall)

I'm also a PC gamer, (343leaddispenser on steam)



so true.  much as i love facebook, most users ftba.  all the time.  anyway, welcome to the ning Bailey.



you're welcome, i do my best.  and you too.  how are you liking the ning so far?

welcome Androo.  it is a great community.  a lot of discussion going on about current events and politics over in the forum if you hadn't seen that already.
you seem really awesome, nice to meet you.
Hi! So I found my way to the Vlogbrothers not too long ago through Tumblr, and since then I've almost worked my way through every video (I still have 2007 to go). But! I don't have a single nerdfighter friend. And a nerdfighter without a nerdfighter friend... that doesn't even seem like a real thing.

Mostly I'm an English nerd, I love Harry Potter and pretty much all (good) YA fiction and classic literature. I love poetry as well. I'm also pretty obsessed with movies and I love talking about them with people.


Welcome to the club Taylor! 

speaking of YA fiction, have you read any of John's books yet?

Definitely!  I actually read An Abundance of Katherines like four years ago before I had any idea who John was.  Then over the past month I've read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns.  I probably wouldn't have gotten so excited about Vlogbrothers if John hadn't been an author :)
welcome TaylorAnn!  point of clarification do you have roughly 2007 videos to watch, or or are you backtracking to '07 (year one of brotherhood 2.0?)


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