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well it sounds like ...Forsaken fits, from what i know of Hunter and Vampire (and a little Mage) anyway, but yeah.  ...Apocalypse though...

Hey everyone!  I'm Sean, and a self-described polymath, and yes, I find that interesting.  I recently obtained my Ph. D. in Astronomy by completing a dissertation project on the characteristics of crystalline silicate dust particles in comets, and I'm moving forward to be an active researching Planetary Scientist/Astronomer/Astromineralogist.  Other than that bit of nerdiness, what fascinates me knows little bounds.  The best way I can think to summarize it is that there is just too much cool stuff in the world to not be interested in it all.  At a big picture level, I strive to understand the nature of the universe.  I see something, and I wonder how, why, and what effects are at play.

Nerd Passions: science, life, coffee, beer, music, video games, humans as animals, genetics, reading, cooking, etc.

you know it's not a contest right Sean?  :D

Just been a nerd for a while now and hold nerdiness as a source of awesomeness :)


so are things calming down for you as summer approaches, or will you still be doing a lot of research?

They will be calming down until July when I start my new job as a post-doctoral research associate.  Then it's full steam ahead again as I switch from studying mainly comets to studying mainly asteroids and their surface mineralogy. The work looks really promising though and continues along my favorite theme in research: understanding the origins of things.  My cometary research has allowed me to understand and comment on the earliest stages of planetary formation (the formation of the actually dust grains that would go into planetesimals - bodies on the order of km to planet-sized (1000s of km)), and studying the surfaces of asteroids will provide clues to the early dynamics of the Solar System while planetesimals were having their orbits altered and therefore the bodies were being distributed throughout the solar system to come to their present orbits.

wow.  that is completely jokes.

Found nerdfighters via the youtubes. Don't remember how I got there(to John and Hank's channel) in the first place, but that's how I ended up here.
I'm a food geek, and a general nerd. I plan on taking over the world with a tiny baby bunny army, and I spend most of my time wrangling the Badger I married. Do all nerdfighters refer to their spouse as "The_____"?
So, yeah.

awesome stuff Kristina!  but where's your water?

I leave my water near the Badger, as he's very fond of splashing around in it.

so I just watched the video for May 14 2010, and read the "Water" speech, and I still stand by my statement that I leave my water near the Badger, as who and what the Badger does and decides to be, while not changing me per say as a person, does strongly influence my life, what with the marrying of him and all and his job being the one that picks us up and throws us all around the country/world. My water is still mine, but I get ripples when he splashes.

Hi, I'm new here.  I found nerdfighters through The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which became my favourite thing on the entire internet overnight.

I'm an Irish guy living in Bristol in the UK while I study for an MSc.  I am a nerd in for science, computers, sci-fi, games... all the usual stuff.

So... hi everybody.


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